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New Running Lessons..from a New Runner

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!


I’ve seen so many people post about their “run-a-versary” but honestly I can’t remember what I did yesterday, let alone when I started running.  Even still, I feel as though I’ve learned a lot within the past year and I wanted to pass along my top 5 mistakes lessons I’ve learned in my first year of running:

So, you’ve decided you want to try this whole “running” thing. You’ve laced up your shoes and took your first steps. Way to Go!  As you get into running more and more you will realize there is lots to learn! 

  1. The “I am not a REAL runner” mantra: You know…only those people who are training for a marathon are the “real runners”.  Those people who can run really fast or who can go really far are the real runners.  Not me.  Excuse me…do you run more than you walk?  Do you go a little bit farther every time?  Then you are a runner.  End of discussion. runner
  1. Not wearing proper shoes.  Make sure you go to a running store (Floridians..FitNiche is simply amazing) and get a proper fit.  Ensure you know their return policy in case you need it.  You will most likely increase your mileage as you get into your new passion and your shoes will make all the difference.

                            2A. For my fellow ladies. Get fitted for and invest in a really good sports bra. Trust me on this.

Saucony's rock!

Saucony’s rock!

  1. Hydration and good nutrition everyday are key.  Believe me, no one was more bummed than I was to learn that sweets and beer do not count as “carb loading”.  Your runs will be easier when you take care of your body and what fuels it. Also, hydration is so important, especially if you are running in the summer.  At least 10 glasses of water every day, and I would argue that at least one of those glasses should have an electrolyte replenishing drink if you are going for a long run the next day or just came from one. 
    Better tasting than Gatorade with lots of nutrition to help you put back what your workout took out.

    Better tasting than Gatorade with lots of nutrition to help you put back what your workout took out.

  1. EAT/DRINK PROTEIN SOON AFTER A RUN.  This seems logical, but let me explain.  I would get debilitating, pounding headaches after long runs.  I would drink water like crazy, but I was never really hungry so I would wait a few hours after my run to eat something.  Big mistake.  If you are going for a long run, have something to eat very soon after.  Go for something with a nice mix of carbs and protein.  Once I started having a protein drink 10 minutes after my long run, my headaches completely vanished. 
    Any excuse to have chocolate is alright in my book.

    Any excuse to have chocolate is all right in my book.

  1. Find a running buddy.  Usually I run alone, happily listening to music, a podcast or just the thoughts in my head. However this can get lonely!  The best runs I’ve had are the ones with other runners.  The time goes by faster because you are chatting and, if you run with someone just a bit faster than you, your pace will ultimately improve.  Plus you can ask all sorts of running questions because if there is one thing other runners love to talk about, it is running.
    running partner

    Yep, she counts as a running buddy, our conversations are hilarious!


    Did I miss anything?  Please give me one piece of advice you’d give a new runner!!

Enjoy the Run!



Runner’s Heart

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!


A friend recently wrote “I think I’m finally starting to like running!”  Which was odd for me to read because she’s been running for over a year, has done 10K’s, halfs and is training for the NYC marathon.  My first thought was “why would you do it if you don’t like it?”  

Then I realized there are so many times I am in the same situation.  When I have a bad run and I am wheezing and frustrated at myself that I can’t get up the stamina to do another sprint.   When I am in mile 7 of my planned 10 miler and my ankles are hurting and my lungs are tired.  When my alarm clock goes off at 6am and it is 30 degrees stupid outside.

So why on earth do we continue to do this?  Why do we continue to get out of bed at zero dark thirty to get our runs in before work? Surely there are other hobbies that take less dedication?  That don’t require us to get out of bed so early, that don’t leave our poor muscles aching and tired?  There must be other hobbies that are less expensive?  (Have you seen the price of running shoes these days?)

We all run for a myriad of reasons, I am sure everyone has their own.  In fact once I saw my friends post I thought “why the heck do I run?”  And you know, I kinda had myself stumped.  Then I realized that for me, running is something that I control.  I can’t control my 2 year old’s temper tantrums (the checkout line at the supermarket is my absolute favorite!), I can’t control the job market or the weather, but I can control how far I go on my runs.  I can control how fast my legs pump, how far they can take me.  

It is the one piece of life that my heart leads.  Sure my head tries to talk to me, but my heart takes the lead.  My heart says “she can do it”, even when my head, my legs, my lungs aren’t so sure.  When I am ready to give up, my heart reminds me of how far I’ve come.  When I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning, it is my heart that reminds me of my goals.

All those early mornings of training teach you to listen to your heart more than your head.  If you listen to your head, running 26.2 miles really makes no sense.  However, when you listen to your heart…maybe a marathon isn’t such a silly idea.  When I was just starting my running journey, the Disney Princess Half Marathon registration for 2014 was open.  My head said “are you crazy?  You can’t even run 3 miles and you want to do 13.1?  No way!”, but my heart knew.  My heart thought “that looks cool, let’s do it!”  Sure enough, my heart continues leading my running journey and now my head and the rest of my body know what my heart knew months ago.  I can do it.  In 2015, I WILL do it.  

Enjoy the Run!


Question: Why do you run?  If you don’t run, what is your favorite hobby?

P.S. Just want to be clear on this.  I run with my heart, but I also listen to my body.  I don’t run when I am hurt and if I am in pain, I stop.