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Good Morning Fellow New Runners!!

**Yes, I am aware I “borrowed” my headline from the amazing ladies at Another Mother Runner.  Click on the link to see what you are missing…it is a website chock full of great stories, tips and links to their hilarious and amazing books. 

Well, I did it.  My first ever 13.1 mile training run.  It took longer than I wanted and I certainly ached more than I expected during it, but I can no longer ask myself “if” I can complete a half marathon.  Now I know I can.  

4:30am wake up call on Saturday?  Must be a runner!

4:30am wake up call on Saturday? Must be a runner!

VERY early (5:15am) last Saturday morning,  I met up with my running partner and we headed off on long run.  Neither of us had a good running week the prior week.  We were both battling sickness, me a nasty head cold/chest congestion/sore throat thing and she a stomach virus.  So neither of us completed our weekday training runs like we should have.  But, like the troupers all us runners are, we set off on Saturday morning determined to at least get some miles in.

The first couple of miles weren’t hard, but it was darn hot out so we stopped for water breaks almost every mile.  My running partner had more stomach issues during the run so we kept walking for longer than either of us wanted.  With the walk breaks, our legs and feet started aching.  However, that eternal struggle that all distance runners know made us keep going.  We had to get back to where we parked our cars.  So, the last 3 miles we put our headphones in and trudged through.  I kept going until my Garmin read 13.10.  Man oh man was I excited to see that!  Even though my running partner has completed quite a few half marathons and is currently training for a marathon, this was her first 13.1 training run as well.  

We had to get to our cars to take us the food!!

We had to get to our cars to take us home…to the food!!

Source: Runners World

Once we got back to our cars, the aches and pains subsided into joyous elation that we had done it!  We downed a bottle of water each (we had both gone through the 4 8oz water bottles on our hydration belts during our run, summer running in Florida is fun!) and headed home, she munching on a banana, me on my protein shake.  What a way to start the day.

Enjoy the Run!



I’m baaack!

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners! After a full week off from running, my first since I started running consistently in June of 2013, I am excited to say I am back!  Got up this morning and went for a glorious 3 miler.  I wish I could say it was easy and there were no aches and pains, but that is not the case.  The aches and pains came and went luckily, and the ease…well I am still new and darn it, some days 3 miles are not as easy as I wish they were.

I have decided that because I have reached a plateau in both speed and distance, I am going to do a training plan for a half marathon.  I think this will help me not only go farther than the 10 miles I have been hitting on my long runs, but the speed workout will also help me be more diligent, and my pace will improve.  I have no idea if this will work or not, but at the very least I will see how these training plans work.   Hoping to find a half I can complete virtually in June.  Any thoughts?

After reading almost the whole book, I decided on the Train Like a Mother Finish It half marathon plan.  It is very do-able and even incorporates fun workouts into the mix, yay!  If all goes well I hope to do their half marathon Own It plan for my very first half in November.  I love the book, it is funny, informative and an easy and fun read.  I dare say, even the men out there would enjoy it! Train Like a Mother: How to Get Across Any Finish Line - and Not Lose Your Family, Job, or Sanity

Additionally, I have some learning from my week off:
1. It was needed!  The rest for my legs was awesome and I didn’t have the “heavy legs” this morning that were so prevalent before my break.

2. Taking a break allowed me to discover new workouts, most notably, yogalates.  Can’t wait for my next class (although I STILL ache from Thursday night!)

3. During my break, got to purchase a reflective vest from Nathan.  Yes, it is reflective and lights up!  I feel so much safer running while wearing it.  At first I thought the bouncing would bother me, but after just a minute or so, I didn’t even notice it anymore.  Pretty sure it can tighten so it won’t bounce at all, I will have to play with it to find out.   Also, the mesh adds literally no weight.  Plus (yes, there is more!) the batteries for the lights are simple watch batteries, which are easy to find.


Has reflective striping on the front and back and LED lighting on the front!

All in all, my first run back was great.  I was happy to be back at running, I was smiling during most of my run.  My knee is aching again (one of the issues that caused me to take a break in the first place) but hoping more stretching and perhaps strengthening exercises will help.
Enjoy the Run!
Question: Have you ever participated in a virtual race?