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Good Morning Fellow New Runners!!

**Yes, I am aware I “borrowed” my headline from the amazing ladies at Another Mother Runner.  Click on the link to see what you are missing…it is a website chock full of great stories, tips and links to their hilarious and amazing books. 

Well, I did it.  My first ever 13.1 mile training run.  It took longer than I wanted and I certainly ached more than I expected during it, but I can no longer ask myself “if” I can complete a half marathon.  Now I know I can.  

4:30am wake up call on Saturday?  Must be a runner!

4:30am wake up call on Saturday? Must be a runner!

VERY early (5:15am) last Saturday morning,  I met up with my running partner and we headed off on long run.  Neither of us had a good running week the prior week.  We were both battling sickness, me a nasty head cold/chest congestion/sore throat thing and she a stomach virus.  So neither of us completed our weekday training runs like we should have.  But, like the troupers all us runners are, we set off on Saturday morning determined to at least get some miles in.

The first couple of miles weren’t hard, but it was darn hot out so we stopped for water breaks almost every mile.  My running partner had more stomach issues during the run so we kept walking for longer than either of us wanted.  With the walk breaks, our legs and feet started aching.  However, that eternal struggle that all distance runners know made us keep going.  We had to get back to where we parked our cars.  So, the last 3 miles we put our headphones in and trudged through.  I kept going until my Garmin read 13.10.  Man oh man was I excited to see that!  Even though my running partner has completed quite a few half marathons and is currently training for a marathon, this was her first 13.1 training run as well.  

We had to get to our cars to take us the food!!

We had to get to our cars to take us home…to the food!!

Source: Runners World

Once we got back to our cars, the aches and pains subsided into joyous elation that we had done it!  We downed a bottle of water each (we had both gone through the 4 8oz water bottles on our hydration belts during our run, summer running in Florida is fun!) and headed home, she munching on a banana, me on my protein shake.  What a way to start the day.

Enjoy the Run!



Flashback Friday-Well, that was terrible!

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!

Yes, we’ve all had them…the God awful, just plain terrible, run.  The run that makes you think “maybe I’m not a runner”.  I remember my first one.  It was hot (well, it was summer in Florida), I was hungry and thirsty, I kept getting tired, I didn’t like any of the music on my phone….you get the idea.

It was horrendous.  I came back from that run completely deflated.  All of the forward momentum I had before that run was completely lost.  I showered and drowned my sorrows in a nice bowl of ice cream.

That night, I did what every new runner does, I read about running.  This time, I went to some of my favorite blogs and you will never guess what I found.  EVERYONE has terrible runs.  No matter how good you are, how long you’ve been running, everyone has a terrible run once in a while.   Granted, their “terrible runs” are way different than a new runner’s.  Where as we may struggle to simply make a mile, they are struggling to make 8 miles.  However, a struggle is a struggle and no matter what, when you have high hopes of accomplishing a goal and fall short, it stings.

The key to getting over a horrible run?  Put it out of your mind and move on.  Go for that run on your next scheduled day.  Don’t put on your shoes and think “well, that last run was so bad, hope this one isn’t like it”.  Nope, put your shoes on and think “I am going to reach that pesky goal today for sure!”.  The next run will be better!

Enjoy the Run!


Running buddy

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

As I’ve said before, I started running by simply inserting a few minutes of running during my daily walks with my daughter in her stroller. I began focusing more on the running (and trying very hard to do less and less of the walking) and found it was easier to do it by myself.  So I would get up early and complete the run before darling daughter even woke up.  It worked well as the running has increased and the walking decreased.

Recently my husband took a new job, with new hours, and it required me to get the munchkin in the morning and hopefully keep her quiet so the hubs could get some sleep.  One morning, already in my running clothes, I went to get her and she said “going for a run, mommy?”.  When I answered yes, her reply, “can I come too?”.  Huh, I thought, why the heck not?  So we gathered up some Cheerios, a sippy cup, a blanket and headed out.  

It was the most fun I’d had on a run in a long time.  

Granted it was one of the slowest runs I had and dear God did I ache tremendously the day after (pushing a stroller with a 2 year old is a great workout!), but the fun she and I had was well worth it.  She would ask me how my day was going, screech in delight when she saw a dog or a bird and even motivated me when I stopped to walk (“Goooo Mommy!”).  I ran without my music and without my GPS app telling me the distance.  It was an absolute blast, so much so that now, we try to get out together once a week.  

The lesson in this?  While running is usually a solitary exercise, having a running buddy is a great deal of fun!  Whether it is a friend, a dog or a 2 year old hopped up on Cheerios and milk, having someone to share the experience with really makes your run that much more enjoyable.  You might not be able to go as fast or as far as you could by yourself; but in running, as in life, it is not how far your go but the people around you who make it fun. 

Enjoy the Run!


                                  My running buddy..ready to go in her track suit!