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Race Review-Tower of Terror 10 Miler

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!

On October 4th, I did it.  I entered the fifth dimension….I entered….The Twilight Zone.



I had been looking forward to this race for over a year, the first time I read about it on another blog.  It sounded like so much fun and the medal…well..more on that in just a bit.

My family arrived in Disney on Friday and we immediately went to our resort to check in.  This time we stayed at the Caribbean Beach Resort.  I will do a review of our Disney experience in a different post, but once I checked in, I also had to go to a different desk in the lobby to check in and get my free mini-golf passes(that’s right, I said FREE mini-golf passes.  With no expiration date…bonus!)  and my Tower of Terror weekend pamphlet.  After that, we headed over to the Wide World of Sports section of Walt Disney World for our packet pick up.

I was concerned as I’ve heard that packet pick up and the expo’s can be very crowded, but this one was so well organized, we could have been in and out in a matter of minutes (and I had to pick up 2 bibs, one for myself and one for my daughter who did the Kids Races).  Kudos to RunDisney for the expo.  As someone who hates crowds, this was a very pleasant surprise.  I took a look around the expo floor at all of the neat runner specific things that they had for purchase, but the highlight for me was to see all of the other RunDisney Medals!  That is right, all of the other medals from upcoming races were on display.  My favorite?  Let’s just say I need to make a trip out to Disneyland for the Avengers race. (my apologies for no pictures, this area was constantly crowded with people wanting a look.  Can’t really blame them!)

On Saturday I tried to nap, but I was too excited and before I knew it…it was time to board the bus!  Funny enough the usual butterflies that accompany me heading to a race were completely absent.  I had made a pact with myself that I was just going to enjoy the experience.  Everyone told me that with a RunDisney race, you can’t worry about your time, so I decided, I would not (note: I did still have a target finish goal in mind, under 2 hours).

Photo credit: My mom

Photo credit: My mom

The bus was a great experience as people were so friendly.  I met three lovely ladies and we chatted about running and what we hoped for from the run.  (To finish was the over-arching theme.)  We got to the waiting area outside of the corrals and what fun!  There was an absolutely fantastic DJ who had moves to every song, so it was like a dance party, warm up, and aerobics class in one.  I know I should have sat and rested my legs but darn it, if I hear a fun song I just half to boogie down.  Apparently, I am not alone.

I went to a race and a dance party broke out!

I went to a race and a dance party broke out!

While waiting, I also signed in to the Hollywood Hotel guest registry.  I’ve heard good things about this hotel, especially the elevators.

sign in

The only fault I found with this part of the process?  At 8:30pm (race starts at 10pm), all of the port-o-potties were out of toilet paper and the portable sinks were out of soap and paper towels.  There was no one near to report this to.  Next year I hope they have extra supplies of such essentials, especially for us lady runners!

At 9:15 we loaded into our corrals and walked to the start.  It wasn’t long now…the excitement was overwhelming.  Then, promptly at 10pm we were off!!  I always force myself to slow down at the start of a race, and this one was pretty easy to do just that because it was crowded at the start.  Not “running into others” crowded, but certainly too crowded to sprint out although I saw people doing just that.

I was nervous because I was told not to bring headphones and when I got to the race start everyone was wearing headphones, but honestly, I didn’t need them.  Within a mile there were DJ’s, a character meet and greet (Jafar) and water and powerade.  In fact I could not believe how fast the miles ticked by, it seemed like I had just completed a mile when buzzzz, my Garmin vibrated another mile down.

By far, my most favorite part of the run was when we ran into the Wide World of Sports Complex.  It was a well lit trail that added such a different vibe, I thought it was really fun.  I also LOVED running through the baseball stadium.  People were cheering and screaming, oh it was a blast!  Additionally the volunteers on this part of the course were simply amazing.  They were clapping, had kazoos and clappers and were cheering us on.  They deserved a medal too, in my opinion.

It was also a wide world of sports that I got some super fun pictures.  I had to get a picture when the infamous grave diggers, and surprisingly their line wasn’t that long at all, maybe 5 people in front of me?  I also got a picture with the “zombie tailgaters” who had literally zero line. Then at mile seven I stopped to get a picture with the “corpses”.   Every picture I took I was amazed, the people playing the characters NEVER broke character.  They were all fantastic!

corpse brides zombie tailgaters


Once I left Wide World of Sports I knew the end was close.  We ran into Hollywood Studios and they had a DJ who was not only playing music but hilarious.  At this point, I sent a text to my husband letting him know I was on property and had about 2 miles to go.  We ran into the lights motor action speedway and through the back lot.  Then we ran down New York City (so cool!) and around the Mickey hat.  It was here that family and friends were cheering and another amazing DJ was playing music and saying “you got this, you can do it!!”.  It was mile 9 and I can’t lie, I almost starting crying (I get a little emotional when I run).  More twists and turns and then through the seamstress section, which was super neat to see all of the clothes.  They also had a disco ball and music, I felt like breaking out into a dance.  Then a straight away with more amazing volunteers cheering and clapping.

My Garmin buzzed 10 miles…yet I was STILL running!  What the what?  I saw a huge screen ahead that had various race photos, the Twilight Zone music and once I hit that, I turned a corner and there it was…the finish line!!  I high fived Goofy and cross that line in my goal finish time!  Bonus was that unlike my Gasparilla experience my husband actually saw me cross!  As soon as I crossed I got a chill towel (ohhh so nice!) and a snack box.  I also snagged my most awesome medal.  Folks, the elevator moves and the windows glow in the dark.  Yep, coolest medal around!

TOT finish!

Photo Credit: My husband..who waited up until almost midnight to see me cross the finish line.

Once my daughter sees this, I will never get it back!

Once my daughter sees this, I will never get it back!


Two things about this race that were a bit of an inconvenience:

1. The walk to the bag check to pick up your bag is looooonggg.  For the love of God, I just ran 10 miles, can you make this pick up a little closer?  Also, if you had to pick up your bag, there was no way to tell your loved ones waiting for you where to go.  I wish they would have made that a bit easier.  Lesson learned: I will always tell my family to go to the bag check section or changing tent area to find me.

2. The snack box had all carbs in it.  Almost no protein.  I don’t know if it is just me, but after I run I have got to get some protein into me or else I get a wicked headache (which I had the entire next day).  Lesson learned, next time I will bring a protein shake in my bag check.

I am very bummed to see that RunDisney has elected not to do this race in 2015 (no explanation why), but I hope that this a temporary stoppage.

The Pros:

“Smaller” RunDisney race

Night time course so no hot sun beating down on you

Different terrain breaks up the miles

Wonderful volunteers

Absolutely phenomenal medal and tech shirt (the shirt glows too!)

10 mile distance is a great entry point for someone who wants more of a challenge than a 10k but is not ready for the full half marathon distance

Very cool theme


The Cons

That walk to the bag check!  Sweet Jesus.

No ability to meet family right after the finish.  No way to tell them to meet you at bag check vs. party

The fact that family must buy a villains bash ticket to see you finish.  We are annual passholders.  For almost every other race (except for Wine and Dine) my husband could have used his pass to get into the park to see me finish.  But because it was a night race, he had to buy a special ticket.  I am still kind of miffed about that.

There is no Tower of Terror Race scheduled for 2015 😦


I loved this race and I want to do it again.  I hope RunDisney does bring it back, and better than ever.  A run through the Magic the Haunted Mansion ride perhaps?  How amazing would that be?

Enjoy the Run!


Question: Have you run the Tower of Terror 10 miler?  What are your thoughts?









Don’t Call It a Comeback…

Hello, Hello Fellow New Runners!

Yes, once again I took a hiatus, but now I am back!!  Oh I have SO much to tell you!!

Why have I been gone for so long, well…I got one of those 9-5 type of gigs…that’s right after 3 years off I finally got a full-time job again!  Why am I so excited?  Hang on to your hats folks, I actually LIKE to work.  I know, weird right?  The fact is, I enjoy what I do, I love the coworkers and I even enjoy dressing to go into the office.  The one thing I am not a fan of?  Traffic. Blah.

running mom

So now, I am not just a wife, mom and runner, I am also a working wife, mom and runner.  The transition has been a bit easier than I thought, but there have been bumps along the way.  Fitting my running in has been a challenge, but I am making it a priority, so you know what?  It gets done.

Let’s see..what else…

Oh I ran this little race called The Tower of Terror 10 Miler!!  Yes, my longest race ever and my very first RunDisney race.  I will write a post on the blog about that race in a bit but as a preview…it…was…AWESOME!  My daughter also did the Kids Races, and let me tell you, that was the best $15 I’ve ever spent.

I have had a couple of longest ever runs, most notably not one but two 13 milers.  The first one was a little rough as both myself and my running partner were not feeling well.  The second one went much, much better.

I can’t wait to fill you all in on everything that has been going on!

See you on the asphalt and as always…Enjoy the Run!



Good Morning Fellow New Runners!!

**Yes, I am aware I “borrowed” my headline from the amazing ladies at Another Mother Runner.  Click on the link to see what you are missing…it is a website chock full of great stories, tips and links to their hilarious and amazing books. 

Well, I did it.  My first ever 13.1 mile training run.  It took longer than I wanted and I certainly ached more than I expected during it, but I can no longer ask myself “if” I can complete a half marathon.  Now I know I can.  

4:30am wake up call on Saturday?  Must be a runner!

4:30am wake up call on Saturday? Must be a runner!

VERY early (5:15am) last Saturday morning,  I met up with my running partner and we headed off on long run.  Neither of us had a good running week the prior week.  We were both battling sickness, me a nasty head cold/chest congestion/sore throat thing and she a stomach virus.  So neither of us completed our weekday training runs like we should have.  But, like the troupers all us runners are, we set off on Saturday morning determined to at least get some miles in.

The first couple of miles weren’t hard, but it was darn hot out so we stopped for water breaks almost every mile.  My running partner had more stomach issues during the run so we kept walking for longer than either of us wanted.  With the walk breaks, our legs and feet started aching.  However, that eternal struggle that all distance runners know made us keep going.  We had to get back to where we parked our cars.  So, the last 3 miles we put our headphones in and trudged through.  I kept going until my Garmin read 13.10.  Man oh man was I excited to see that!  Even though my running partner has completed quite a few half marathons and is currently training for a marathon, this was her first 13.1 training run as well.  

We had to get to our cars to take us the food!!

We had to get to our cars to take us home…to the food!!

Source: Runners World

Once we got back to our cars, the aches and pains subsided into joyous elation that we had done it!  We downed a bottle of water each (we had both gone through the 4 8oz water bottles on our hydration belts during our run, summer running in Florida is fun!) and headed home, she munching on a banana, me on my protein shake.  What a way to start the day.

Enjoy the Run!


Adventures in Hill Repeats

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

Last week was week three of my half marathon training.  So far the Train Like A Mother 1/2 marathon Finish It Plan has been super easy to follow.  I feel stronger and my runs are really getting better.  I’ll publish a brief recap of what I did last week, but wanted to dive in deeper to one specific workout.  

Hill Repeats.  I’ve never done these before as I live in Florida…super flat Florida (our hills are either bridges or landfills…true story!).  Luckily for me, the races I’ve signed up for and have run have all been in Florida so there hasn’t been a real need for me to try to tackle hills.  However, the training plan called for hill repeats and I’ve heard there is a hill in the Tower of Terror (on-ramp on the highway, I told you all of our hills are man-made!) so I thought I would give this “hills” stuff a try by using a treadmill.

On Thursday morning I set off, did a nice 1 mile warm up, up to the mini gym in my neighborhood.  There was no one there (thank God, you’ll see why in a second) and I jumped on one of the treadmills to start the hill repeats.

 I quickly realized I had to adjust both the incline and the the same time.  This was tricky and I never did master it.  It took a few seconds for me to get the treadmill up to speed and the incline I wanted.  Next time I am going to use the timer on the machine vs. my Garmin, hopefully I’ll get a more accurate interval time in.  

My first interval I apparently thought I was superman as I had an incline of over 7 and a speed of just about 6 minutes per mile.  I realized I made a terrible decision pretty quickly as I had to hang on for dear life lest I go flying into the free weight area.  (who puts free weights right behind the treadmills..I mean really!).  

The next incline was a bit better, I lowered the hill just a bit (6) and decreased the speed a ton (8-9 minute mile) and had better luck.  However my euphoria ended on intervals 3 and 4 as I started wheezing and my hamstrings and glutes were yelling at me to stop the insanity. 

As soon as the torture session hill repeats were over, I jumped off the treadmill, cleaned it and headed home.  The mile run back home was hard as my legs felt like lead.  I walked in to the house and promptly plopped myself down on the floor (I was too sweaty for the furniture) and said “never again”.  The problem is I have to do this all over again in two weeks…and add 2 extra intervals on.  God help me. 

Here is how the rest of the week fared: 

Monday: 3 mile run with 4 strides.  Felt strong, fast and just down right amazing during this run.  

Tuesday: 6 mile evening run.  I had some…ahem gastrointestinal issues that made this less fun than it should have been.

Wednesday: Rest 

Thursday: Aforementioned hill repeats.  

Friday: Should have crossed trained, but didn’t.  Does mopping count as cross training, because I did that.

Saturday: 8 mile long run.  This was a great run, finished strong in the summer heat and humidity.  Actually went longer than 8 (almost 9) and was quite pleased at how well I felt during the run.

Enjoy the Run!


Question: How do you handle hill repeats if there is no hill near you?

Can a Morning Person become an Evening Runner?

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

Confession time: I am a morning person.  My internal clock is set for 6am and I wake up ready to go.  The morning is when I am most energized and ready to attack the day.  It is the time of day when most of the items on my to do list are checked off.  Morning is absolutely when I run.

This isn't quite how I look when I wake up, but close..

This isn’t quite how I look when I wake up, but close..

So what is a morning girl to do when she can’t run in the mornings?  My husband recently got a new schedule at work, one that requires him to be at work in the middle of the night and stay there until the early afternoon.  With a 2 year old at home, my morning runs went from a given to a luxury.

Yep, we love it!

Yep, we love it!

Sure I can put her in the jogging stroller, but by the time we grab her breakfast, the 30 different toys she swears she needs for a 30 minute outing and we go potty 5 times I’m already exhausted and I haven’t even gotten out the door.

I can go for a run when my husband gets home from work.  Except that I live in Florida and as of noon today it is already 90 degrees…in the shade.

Really the only good time for me to run is my least likely time of the day to get anything accomplished…evening.  Most evenings I’m too exhausted to even turn on the computer, let alone go for a run.  However one day last week, I decided I would give it a try.

This isn't me (I don't need to wear pants to run in the Florida summer heat!)

This isn’t me (I don’t need to wear pants to run in the Florida summer heat!)

After my daughter went to bed and my husband fell asleep, around 8pm, I left the house.  It was still warm but with the sun setting it wasn’t too bad.  The first few steps were awkward and yep, the first people I saw I said “Good Morning” (force of habit). But you know what, it was pretty darn fun!  It was great to see so many neighbors out and about.  It was fun to see kids playing and see how pretty the neighborhood looks in the light.  Once I got home, I had a glorious 30 minutes of alone time to stretch and cool down and after a shower and my usual evening tea, I was actually ready for bed!  It was awesome!

In short, this morning girl really loved her evening run.  Even though I’ll miss my morning runs (I still plan on doing my long runs in the morning) it was a really fun way to wind down and end the day.  I highly recommend trying to run at a different time of the day than you usually do.  You might really love it!

Enjoy the Run!