Half Marathon Training Recap-Week One

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

Well, it is here…time to start training!!  I have two big races (well, big for a newbie like me) coming up.

First up is the Tower of Terror 10 miler in the beginning of October.  SUPER excited for this one as this is my first RunDisney race!  I am a big Disney fan so the idea of running through the parks is just so exciting to me.  We even have the munchkin all signed up for the kids races too!  (Note: I spoke to her about racing and that she was going to be in her first race and her first question to me was “can I eat Gu?”.  Seriously.)

The middle is mine, the one on the right is what the munchkin will earn!

The middle is mine, the one on the right is what the munchkin will earn!

Hot on the heels of the Tower of Terror (or TOT as I’ve been calling it), is my very first half marathon!!  Eeek!  I will be doing the Space Coast Half Marathon in Coco Beach, FL at the end of November.  Whether it is the full marathon or the half, heard nothing but fantastic reviews about this race and the medal…oh my gosh…for a bling girl like me, this is all the motivation I need!

You will be mine!!

Space Coast half medal.  You will be mine!!


First a little history on me and races:

In February I completed the 15K (9.3 miles) at the annual Gasparilla Distance Classic in downtown Tampa.  It was a very humid day and even though I had run 10 miles multiple times before, I found myself struggling to get through that race.  I was very disappointed in myself and really want Space Coast and the TOT to go much better.  I decided I need to implement and follow a training calendar.

I was confused as to how to train for Tower of Terror, then continue training for Space Coast, especially where they are two different distances.  Luckily I belong to a fantastic running group, the Suncoast Striders, and was able to ask for advice.  It was simple they said, use the half marathon training calendar I want for the Tower of Terror.  When that race is done, count the number of weeks until Space Coast and resume the training for the according week.  That way, hopefully, I’ll be super prepared for both races!

I have elected to use the Train Like a Mother “Finish It Plan” training calendar.  I read the book and absolutely loved it.  The training plan is varied enough to keep me interested for a full 15 weeks.  It is easy enough to incorporate into my everyday life, yet challenging enough so I feel as though I am prepared for the races.   Last Monday started week 15…I was off and running!

Monday: Three miles plus four “strides” (go all out for 30 seconds).  I decided it would be a great idea to run at 9am.  The heat wasn’t too bad until I got to the strides.  Sweet Jesus.

Tuesday: Four mile run.  Did this in the evening and did have to walk some (hey, its still in the 80’s here in the evenings!), it was an enjoyable run and actually ran farther than I needed because I felt so good at the end of the run.

Wednesday: Rest (ahhhhh…..)

Thursday: 3 miles, one of which was all intervals. The intervals seemed easier this week, but I struggled that last mile home.  My legs felt like lead, which I think is a good thing?

Friday: Cross Train (I did the bike for 30 minutes then weights and abs)

Saturday: Long run of 6 miles.  Swear to God….this seemed easier than last week.

Sunday: rest

The great news?  Even though I ran more last week, my knees, which had been giving me trouble for the past few weeks, seemed to respond well to the running and this week don’t hurt!  Yippeee!!  So far the training plan is working well with my particular schedule and isn’t too much above my abilities.  For a first timer, this seems like the perfect plan!

Enjoy the Run!


Questions: Are you training for a special race?


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