Let It Go…

Good Afternoon Fellow Runners!!

Well, the day is finally here…yes it is National Running Day!!  Whoo hooo!  Have you gone for your run yet?  No matter if it is a 10 miler or a short sprint up the street to catch a loose dog (or in my case, toddler) get out there and get air into those lungs!  I will be running later today and hopefully bringing my favorite running partner with me.  More on that run later this week….

 National running day badge

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The past few days I have been participating in Advocare’s 24 Day Challenge.  You can read about my experiences here, I will be updating it every few days.  It is a “challenge” that gets you eating better, feeling better and revs up your energy.  Some could also call it a diet.  I am not a fan of that word because diet suggests that  A) it is temporary, when eating right should be permanent and  B) whenever you hear the word diet people, including those on the diet, just groan.

diet ecard

In an effort to not look at this challenge as a “diet” I am looking at this as a good time to take care of me.  So often times we worry about everyone and everything else: our family, our jobs, our homes, and we forget to take care of ourselves.  I’ve vowed to get a massage (oh yeah!!) to get extra sleep and to try to stop worrying about things I can’t control (note: number 3 is a big one for me)

As part of this, while on a run the other day I began to think about all the things that I worry about.  Goodness, there were a lot of them!  So many things I that worry about are out of my control.  Then there were so many things that were IN my control.  I could stop being so shy around new people (I worry they won’t like me), I can stop worrying about my running times and up coming races and just run, what a concept!).  On that run I decided I would, to steal a phrase from Disney, just “let it go”.

I am the one person in the world who has yet to see this movie.

I am the one person in the world who has yet to see this movie.

On my first run back with my running group, I made it a point to not run away right after my run and stay for the “happy hour”.  I not only caught up with some friends but made new ones!  I stopped worrying about my pace, I even took time to walk with two lovely ladies who were walking (I never would have done this before..have to keep up the pace!).  I didn’t worry about my “burdening” my husband, to take care of our 2 year old while I went out for my run.  In fact I came into the house and immediately heard laughter and giggling.

It was, by far, the best morning I had in a long time.  All of this because I decided to just let go and enjoy.  To not worry, to not let my nervousness, my shyness, get in the way of my day, my life.

On this National Running Day, I encourage you to just “let go” and enjoy life.  Do one thing YOU want to do and see what happens!

Enjoy the Run!



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