Natural Runner? Nope, not me.

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

You know those people who get up one day, decide they are going to run a half marathon, then 3 weeks later, they do?  Or the person who gets a free bib to a marathon that is in 4 days and runs the entire thing, sans training (True story!).  These natural athletes who make running look so darn effortless?  Yeah, that is so not me.

Running is not effortless for me, nor will it ever be.  No sport has ever come easily to me, as it does for the natural athletes among us.  My husband is a natural athlete.  He ran track in high school.  Played baseball in his 20’s, routinely bowls in the high 200’s, plays basketball with teenagers and having never picked up a club in his life, one day at the driving range hit a golf ball a distance that would make Tiger Woods impressed.

I can do none of these things.

I try.  I have fun and try each sport but everything that comes naturally to him, doesn’t for me.  However, sometimes when the stars align, my body decides to work together and I actually manage to do something good…the celebration is epic.

The husband gets a strike in bowling…he walks away with a little smile on his face.

I get a strike..there is a dance, some cheering and high fives involved.

He gets two strikes..the smile gets a little bigger

I get two strikes…the entire bowling alley now knows about it.

While I may have to work harder than most in sports, my celebration is that much bigger.  My running will never be easy but at the end of the run, whether it is 3 miles or 10, I am so darn excited that I DID IT.  To me, it means so much because I remember all those runs that lead up to that accomplishment. More importantly I remember when I thought “I’ll never be able to do that”.

So to those of us who are not natural athletes, but who continue to put forth your best effort every day I say “You Go!”  No matter if it is just a simple one mile walk or a half marathon, just keep going.  That distance you never thought you would be able to do…you’ll do it.  That pace that seemed so fast?  It will become your new normal.

And to you natural born athletes…


You’re welcome.


Enjoy the Run!




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