Race Review-First Virtual Run

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!

I mentioned in my last post that I recently completed my first virtual run.  The website www.willrunforbling.com hosts multiple virtual runs each of which support different charities and causes.  The distances are varying in length; 5K, 10K, half and even full marathon distances.  They host one about once a month, so I try to check frequently to see if there are any new, fun runs that I can sign up for or that benefit a charity I have a specific desire to help.

The run I did was the “We Stand With Boston” 10K.  I wanted to run this particular race for two reasons:

1. I was in the middle of some medical issues and I wanted to prove to myself I could do it.  While normally a 6 mile run wouldn’t be too big of a deal, I had a feeling this run would be tougher than most.

2. Boston is my hometown.  I was born and raised in the city.  I love it with my whole heart and when the bombings happened last year it was literally like a dagger through the heart.  The thought that someone would do this to my hometown, to my friends and family was heartbreaking. Knowing that the proceeds from this race would go to the Boston One Fund was a huge selling point for me.

Sign up was super easy, through Active.com, I even posted my sign up via Facebook which enticed my parents to sign up for the 5k distance.  The best part of a virtual race is you can do the “race” at a time and place that is convenient for you.  My mom and I chose to do it on Marathon Monday, but my dad did it on a different day.

A week before the race I got my super snazzy bib in my email.  Honestly this has to be one of the coolest bib’s I’ve ever gotten for  a race.

My bib!!  Nice, right?

My bib!! Nice, right?

I set out for my run and it was a cool, slightly overcast day.  A perfect day for running!  My first two miles were pretty sweet, I saw a few other runners out and about, and I relished the running community we are all a part of.

Miles three through six were some of the hardest miles I’ve ever run.  I was having trouble keeping my breath (never fun) and although my legs wanted to keep going my lungs simply couldn’t keep up.  I walked a bunch.  Every time I walked I thought of my friends and family who were running Boston that day, some of whom were running with injuries, and thought “if they can do 26.2 miles then darn it, I can do 6.1 miles!”  That thought really kept me going because I honestly thought about calling for a ride home more than once.

Meeting up with my mom, who was pushing my daughter in the stroller during her 5K, was a highlight.  We had a nice little chat and a fellow runner even offered to take a picture of the three of us!

Yes, my daughter is in a Red Sox shirt!

Yes, my daughter is in a Red Sox shirt!

After my run, I was exhausted but felt so happy I completed the full 10K.  My time was terrible, but for me the fact that I just finished was a triumph in and of itself.

A few weeks later guess what came in the mail…my medal!  Let me tell you this bad boy is HEAVY, huge and really, really nice.  It will absolutely occupy a place of honor on my medal stand, when I get one!

The medal!

The medal!

In short, my first ever virtual race was a great experience!  If I hadn’t signed up I am sure I would not have run or even walked that day.  Instead I have a fantastic medal and a super cool bib to display and more importantly the knowledge that no matter how tough it gets, I have the tenacity to finish what I started!

Enjoy the Run!


Question: Have you ever completed a virtual race?  What are your thoughts?


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