It’s expensive to feel this good!

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

As I answer yet another question in the fitness blog challenge, I am reminded of how much my life is about fitness and general wellness.  I was into “working out” well before I became a runner and even on those days where a run just seems too daunting, I will hit the gym or just go out for a walk.  I love being alone with my thoughts, thinking of new goals, how to solve current problems or simply not thinking at all.  That happens a lot…frequently on a walk I will suddenly look up and think “how did I get here?”.  Luckily, it is usually not “where the heck am I?”, although that has happened on occasion.

Not sure I've ever been this distracted...but close!

Not sure I’ve ever been this distracted…but close!

Today’s question is how much do I spend on fitness related items each month.  Well, I am quite cheap…ummm..I mean frugal with my spending, no more so than on fitness items.  My thought was always why spend loads of money on something I’m just going to get all sweaty in?  I was never one of those girls who got all dolled up to go to the gym (honestly there were girls at my university who put make up on before going to work out) and even now if my shirt clashes with my shorts I truly don’t care.

This was my Christmas

This was my Christmas

That being said the more I got into running, a supposedly “inexpensive sport” (you just need a pair of shoes and a good sports bra!), the more I understood the importance of purchasing the right equipment for your run.  It happened slowly…first it was the shoes…then it was the shirts…next the socks….the shorts…the Gu….the hydration system…the Garmin.  The more I would frequent the running store, the more I would think “oh I totally need this” or “wouldn’t I look cute in this?”.  It really does become a sickness.


Then there are the races.  Even if you don’t do the big marathons, Disney or other high profile runs, the amount of money spent on entry fees alone can be enormous for the family budget.  The proliferation of 5K’s in recent years can easily drain any bank account.  I mean, “it’s only a $30 entry fee and I get a free t-shirt!”, and they are almost always for a cause.  Usually a heart tugging, amazing cause that everyone and anyone would want to help: Help fund childhood cancer research!  Abandoned puppies!  Breast cancer research!  Fight homelessness!  If I did every single 5K that supported a worthy cause I would be bankrupt within a year.

I won’t even go into the bigger races and their entry fees.  All I will say is when I told my husband the entry fees for the two Disney races I wanted to run (Tower of Terror and Princess) he darn near spit out his coffee.  None of these cover the costs and expense of travel, time and money spent on gear while training for these longer distance runs.

In short I don’t spend a lot on fitness each month.  The gym I use is included in my quarterly maintenance fees for my home.  I replace my running sneakers twice a year and I tend not to buy lots of new clothes.  I also have reined in my race schedule; I select only a few races during the year, reserving my money and time for the bigger ones I really want to do (Disney).  I still do the 5K’s, just not every single race.

Enjoy the Run!


Question: How much do you spend on fitness related activities every month?





  1. Most years, I try and keep my costs down by picking smaller local races. I buy my shoes at the end of the season on clearance – same with clothes. I don’t know the exact amount – but I look at it as an investment in my health 🙂

  2. I too try to keep on the frugal side of running but I found I spent $100 so far this year in shorts, shirts, hydration system/belt and nutrition. It can get pretty expensive when you add it all up and IT IS SO HARD NOT TO fall into the “I need this, that and those” attitude.
    I’ve coupled running with meditation and so the minimalist approach (not barefoot running minimalism) but the what I need to become who I am attitude really helps keep my spending in check.
    Thanks for sharing!

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