Fitness Blog Challenge & a GREAT Run!

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!


There is a good possibility I looked exactly like this on my run this morning

My husband has a new schedule at work, which makes my solo early morning runs almost an impossibility.  So this morning after my daughter woke up around 7:30am, I decided to take her with me on a run.  I loaded up the munchkin and the 6 different toys she just had to bring, along with her cheerios and water into the trusty BOB stroller.  We started out like most of my recent runs, me huffing and puffing and struggling to take another step.  However, I started getting into a groove and low and behold I found my running mojo!  She and I had a blast chatting and looking at the flowers, puddles and birds along the running route.

Around mile 2 she actually ditched me to hang out with my parents, (we run by their house) and I continued on, sans stroller.  I was not prepared for a solo run and was happy to see my running mojo didn’t leave me like my daughter did.   It was about 57 degrees, bright sunny skies and let me tell you it was an absolutely glorious run.  I knew my pace was slower than I had hoped and I did walk a few steps every few miles, but none of that mattered.  I ran with a smile on my face, simply happy to be taking in the beautiful day.  I even ran a mile more than I had planned.  It was awesome.


Now on to the the fitness blog challenge question of the day.  The task today is to list my five favorite fruits and veggies.  Ummm..just five?  While I admit, I have a wicked sweet tooth, I also love fruits and vegetables!  In the summer in Florida there is nothing better than a delicious salad on a hot day.  To pick a only five is hard!!  Let me give it a try:






I also love a salad that combines both fruit and veggies together, some of my favorites are from Publix Grocery stores (their Strawberry Fields Salad is simply delicious) and Panera Bread (Fuji Apple Chicken Salad…yummy!!).  The best part of both of these places?  They both have absolutely delicious cookies and desserts to satisfy my sweet tooth!  Everything in moderation, right?

Enjoy the Run!



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