Fitness Blog Challenge-Nutrition and Diet

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!


Today’s question as part of the fitness blog challenge is “do I diet” and if I follow a specific diet.  Easy!  I watch what I eat and I am very aware as to what I am eating, but I do not follow a specific diet.

In the past I have tried diets, Herbalife, Weight Watchers and they all work.  They take work, diligence and consistency, all of which are hard to do day after day in the real world.  But, for those motivated enough they DO work.

I had to stop all dieting when I was pregnant (naturally) which was an interesting time for me, diet-wise.  I was super diligent of everything I put in my body when I was pregnant.  I wanted to make sure anything I ate was also in the best thing for my child.  Being responsible for the entire well-being of another person really helps your dietary choices!  I was also much more diligent about my workouts.  I made sure I was at the gym almost everyday; walking, using the elliptical and even light weights.  I did prenatal yoga at least once a week.

After I had my daughter, I was still very cautious of everything I ate and drank as I was nursing her.  I took her for lots of walks, knowing that fresh air and the movement of the stroller would be something she enjoyed.

All of this had me thinking.  I was so careful as to what I put in my body when I was pregnant, why wouldn’t I be like this all the time?  As the primary caregiver for my child and one half of an amazing team with my husband, shouldn’t I take care of myself at all times, not just when I am carrying a baby?  The answer is yes!!

Given that, I started using the MyFitnessPal app and documenting my food intake.  I’ve been trying to snack healthier (fruits and veggies vs. cookies) and I’ve even partnered with a wonderful company, Advocare, which specializes in healthy food and supplements.  I find that when I fuel my body with vitamins and nutrients I not only feel better, but my body operates on a higher level.  My runs are easier, my energy is higher and my mood is lifted.

To this, I say find a diet plan that works for you and stick with it!  The first few weeks will be hard, but you will see results soon!  And for those of you who want to jump start your road to health, energy and wellness I highly recommend the 24 Day Challenge.  You can find information about it here and you can order it here.

Enjoy the Run!




  1. Great post. A great thing you said “They take work, diligence and consistency, all of which are hard to do day after day in the real world. But, for those motivated enough they DO work”..not only do they work. I think all diets work and workout plans can work if the diligence and consistency is there along with the motivation. Healthier and more fit lives is about those key traits!!!

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