Down for the count

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!


It has been over a week since my last blog post!  Holy Cow!!  I went out for my six mile run last Saturday and found it was more difficult than I expected.  Got home and immediately knew I was coming down with something, I started taking airborne and loading up on the water.  It was too late.  By Sunday I had a terrible head cold/sinus thingy that kept me in bed all day.  In fact, I didn’t start feeling better until Wednesday afternoon and it wasn’t until Thursday I felt good enough to run again!

I have read that if your illness is below the neck, experts say you can still go out for your daily run or workout, as this article in Runner’s World explains.  However, that just isn’t me.  I didn’t even want to get out of bed, let alone do any sort of physical activity.  In fact Monday night I put my running clothes out, hoping to find the energy to use them.  I didn’t find that energy until Thursday and boy oh boy was that run sloooooowwww.

As running is often times a solitary exercise and those of us who take up running in adulthood must frequently do our own research on running do’s and don’ts.  It is easy to just do whatever the expert tell us.  Which would have meant me doing a five mile run on Tuesday.  However, it is important that we listen to our bodies and rest when we must.  Every person is different and every situation, unique.  While those professional runners would probably have gone for that run on Tuesday, I knew I couldn’t do it.  And that is OK!  Instead of having a “pesky cold” stick around for 2-3 weeks, I am now almost back to 100%!  Instead of needing 2-3 hour naps and feeling terrible, I was able to function throughout the day and run after a 2 year old.

If you feel as though your run will make you feel better when you are sick, by all means do it!  However if you are like me and need to take a few days off, there is no harm or shame in it!  Rest, relax and get yourself back on your feet as soon as your body allows!

Enjoy the Run!



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