Intervals, a milestone & other Thursday Thoughts

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

Today is Thursday and according to my Train Like A Mother Finish It half marathon plan, it is interval day.  The Aquarius in me likes the fact that the plan calls for intervals on Thursday verses Tuesday like every other plan.  Love being just a bit different!  In addition to the 3 miles I ran on Monday, on Tuesday I ran another 5.  The Tuesday run was not my best, I found it hard to breathe (it was almost 90% humidity at 6am…gotta love Florida!), so I was nervous as to how I would do today.


This would have been perfect to do today on Interval day!

The intervals actually went well!  I tried to run in between each 30 second set, but it was clear from the first one that just wasn’t going to happen.  I KNOW it will happen, as the plan goes on.  After the 6th set, I thought “that wasn’t so bad”.  Then I started running back home.  The more I ran, holy cow, from the knee down my legs felt like weights!  I knew I had done a great workout.  Dare I say, I actually enjoyed it?


Another reason I loved this run?  This was a HUGE milestone for me.  This was the first run I did NOT listen to music.  I left my headphones and phone at home and just set out with my Garmin for guidance.  I felt like such a “true” runner!  Part of the reason was because the run was broken up by the intervals and I knew my phone would feel like “baggage” as I was running them.  I was surprised that I didn’t miss my tunes at all.  Not saying I can do this for all my runs (especially those long ones), but I am looking forward to trying it again!

Now on to my Thursday thought.  On Monday, I wrote about my handy Nathan’s visibility vest with LED lights.  People, PLEASE spend a few dollars and get a visibility vest or some LED lights or even better, both.  I run in my neighborhood, there are no major roads that run through it, but the lighting is not the best.  On my three runs this week I’ve seen at least four different runners, all wearing dark clothing, running in the dark.  In fact there was one runner I heard before I could see her.   Without the vest, I would watch drivers swerve at to avoid me as I came into the glare of the headlights.  With the vest, drivers see me coming and move over much earlier and give me more room.  It is a win-win for both of us as I am less scared of getting hit by a car and I’m not giving my poor neighbors a heart attack at 6:30 in the morning.

Enjoy the Run!


Question: Do you ever run without music?



  1. When I went out for my first run, I thought afterwards it might have been better with music. But somehow I didn’t get around to trying it, and now I don’t really have any wish to! I’ve sort of got used to finding my own rhythm, and I think music would throw me a bit now.

    A lot of people I know who run with earphones actually listen to audiobooks, not music – maybe for the same reason!

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