Yogalates – the runners dream cross training workout

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!




Yesterday I was five days into my week off from running.  I was frustrated, hyper-sensitive and my patience (which isn’t long on a good day) was shorter than usual.   I needed an endorphin rush like a coffee addict needs their morning cup of joe.  Luckily for me there was a class at Trinity Yoga that I was itching to try.  With no long run on Saturday, this would be my chance to throw caution into the wind and try something new!

Enter Yogalates.  It is a combination of yoga and Pilates.  I have never done Pilates so I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I knew I was in trouble when the woman walking in before me was carrying not one but TWO towels.  The instructor, Christina, told me to “be prepared to sweat”.  She wasn’t kidding.

The class was AMAZING!!  And by amazing I mean it kicked my booty.

We combined the stretching and postures of yoga with the strength and core training of Pilates.  This particular class focused on lunges (perfect for a runner) along with arms (also needed for finishing up those long distance runs) and ab work (core work helps your breathing and helps to maintain your form).  Less than 10 minutes in I was sweating as all of the postures and moves are done at a fairly fast pace, which made this class more of a cardio workout than I expected.  Thirty minutes in I was dripping sweat and my muscles were burning.  Think running 10 miles is hard work?…pffftttt…try Yogalates.

I walked out of the class unsure if I would be able to get out of bed the next morning and pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms above my head.  However, I was sure that this was a perfect cross training exercise for any runner.  It is fun, quick tempo and a killer workout.  I love that strength training is the core of the class, but done in a fast pace manner.  For those of us who find strength training boring (like me), this class is exactly what you need.

Everyone needs to give yogalates a try.  I already know this class will be come a weekly event for me.   That first class will be tough (but as with all forms of yoga, there are modified, slightly easier versions of most exercises if you need).  I am quite sure it will provide that strength and core training runners need, but frequently skip.

Enjoy the Run (and the yogalates!)




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