Ahhh…Rest Day!

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

Yesterday was day three of my week long break from running.  I was supposed to find a fun exercise video on my cable box to do (most cable companies have this feature, you just have to look for it!).  However, that didn’t happen and therefore yesterday became a rest day.




I know, most runners, most workout aficionados hate the idea of a rest day.  Our bodies need rest, they were not meant to be pushed to the limits every single day.  Even in the Bible, it is said that on the seventh day God rested.

I relaxed, watched a bit of TV and hung out with my munchkin.  I even took at 20 minute power nap!  Hooray!  I went for a walk with the kiddo and she, of course, wanted to run for part of it.  The great news?  My legs felt GREAT.  Granted, this was a short and slow run with a two year old, but we did this on Sunday and my legs hurt and felt heavy.  To see such a difference in just four days really made me a believer in this “rest” stuff!  I also think the yoga I did the day before helped tremendously.  Heck, I might even rest again today!

Enjoy the Run (and the rest..zzzz…)




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