My Dream Fitness Vacation

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

Today’s question in the fitness blog challenge is to describe my dream fitness vacation.  Seeing as I am a new runner, this is honestly something I’ve never given much thought to.  My vacations usually involved incorporating as much relaxation as possible.  However, I have always been someone who wants to go out and DO things vs. sitting on a beach.  Don’t get me wrong, a fantastic afternoon siesta on a beach ideal but for me, not everyday.

I think my dream fitness vacation would involve doing as many fun activities as possible.  Yoga, hiking, running (of course!), swimming, diving and exploring would all be high on my list of things to do.  Of course I would like to do all of these things somewhere new, so I could break out of my comfort zone a bit and see new sights and sounds.  Does such a fabulous vacation exist?  I had to investigate!

After some serious investigative journalism (google search) I discovered there is not only one such place for this type of vacation, but many!  This link in Business Week lists some of the best fitness retreat vacations, there are places all across the country for us fitness fanatics who think a vacation should be time spent doing something good for the body and soul.  Additionally I discovered that one of the original pioneers in the fitness vacation space, Canyon Ranch is not only still going strong, but has expanded their offerings to include golf, creative activities and even cooking classes!

So who wants to take a fun and exciting fitness vacation with me?

Enjoy the Run!



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