Why I Love Fellow New Runners

Good Evening Fellow New Runners!

I took the weekend off (did you miss me??) because I ran my first huge race…Gasparilla in Tampa Bay!  It is a massive two day running event which features four different races.  I only did one, the 15k, because I am a new runner but I have friends who did all four races, can you believe it?  I will recap that race on the blog a bit later (although a one word synopsis would be “humidity”), but for now I have to get back to the fitness blog challenge!

Today is day 10 and I need to share with you my top 5 sports personalities.  This one is tough, mainly because I admire so many athletes for so many different reasons.  It is hard not to admire an athlete who was told he couldn’t do it, only to see him or her rise to the challenge.  So let’s see if I can narrow it down to just five:

1. The Rock.  I am not sure if he’s really a “sports” personality but he is a serious athlete.  He played football and of course most of you know him from his time in wrestling.  I love the fact that he has continued to put exercise and nutrition a top priority in his life (check out his tweets), but every interview I’ve seen he is polished, honest and kind to others.  He’s also a fellow University of Miami Hurricane alumni!  Go ‘Canes!

2. Tom Brady: I know most are going to roll their eyes at this one.  His good looks, his model wife, the constant winning, but most have forgotten he was drafted very low and was the backup quarterback.  He pushed, persevered and kept training until his team needed him.  Once he got a shot, he showed everyone what he could do.  Despite the fame, the continues to show up, do his job and always put the team first.  THAT is rare in any sport these days.

3. Missy Franklin: This young lady is simply awesome.  Not only did she dominate her sport (swimming) but she was on the world stage at the Olympics and looked like she was having an absolute blast.  Sports are supposed to be fun and she reminded everyone of that fact!

4. The Boston Red Sox: I know, this is many people but they are my home team (I was born and raised in the city) and I love them.  You have to understand, Boston is a tough city to play in.  The demands are high and the fans are smart.  Baseball players either understand and respect the area, the fans and the history or they don’t last.  The ones who do represent an entire section of the US (New England) which is known for it’s blue collar roots.  The fans appreciate hard work and love any player who shows toughness, heart and love for all things red, white and gray.

5. Fellow new runners.  I realize this one is kind of cheating, but it is so true.  I love seeing fellow runners of all sizes, ages and abilities out getting it done.  No matter how fast or how far you go, you are doing something good for your health, your mind and your family by setting such a fantastic example.  At the races I’ve been at, fellow runners cheer for the elite athletes as they run by, on their way to the finish, but I like to cheer for the runners at the back of the pack.  Those who are struggling but keep at it.  It is those runners who inspire me, who drive me, who motivate me.  To those new runners, I say don’t stop, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

You Go Fellow New Runners!

You Go Fellow New Runners!

Enjoy the Run!




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