Running is a solitary it?

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

Today’s question in the Fitness Blog Challenge is do I run alone or with others.  Which do I prefer?  For the most part I run by myself.  I put my headphones on and I just get lost in my own thoughts.  I am finding that I not longer need to listen to my music anymore, frequently I won’t even realize what song is playing.  I think this is a good step, it means I don’t need external factors to motivate me.  

During my runs I think a lot, if I am having a hard run I’ll visualize my finishing a race I’m looking forward to, but the thing I do the most of is pray.  I use my running time (especially the long runs when I am not focused on my time) to have a “weekly chat” with God.  Sometimes it is just a simple “thank you”, other times it is a long stream of consciousness about my life and if there is more I could be doing to please him.  And yes, sometimes it is “please help me to finish this run”.  


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That being said, I do love to run with others.  I find the time really flies by when I am in conversation with someone else.  I recently joined a running group and they are some of the nicest, funniest people I have ever met.  There are all different ages and abilities but I have yet to find anyone who runs at my same pace!  Some run slower, most run faster (some MUCH faster) but they all wave and say hello or my favorite a positive “great job” or “looking strong”.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the end of my run, chatting about an upcoming race, their kids or local news.  Whomever said runners are the nicest people on the the planet were absolutely correct!

Even if you are like me and enjoy your solitary runs, try to find a running group to meet up with even just once a week.  The camaraderie, the knowledge and the friendships you will gain will be so worth it!  

Enjoy the Run!




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