Shoes, shoes shoes!!

Good Evening Fellow New Runners!

Today is day 8 of the fitness blog challenge and the question is posed: how many pairs of workout shoes do you own?  As a new runner, I only have 1 pair of running sneakers.  I haven’t been running long enough to get a good stash of sneakers going, but don’t worry, it is on my to-do list!  (Cue my husband’s groans…)

When I started running, I bought a trusty pair of Asics Gel-Nimbus.  As someone who has worked out steadily and always enjoyed walking, I knew these were good shoes for me.  They did not disappoint.  The first 6-7 months of running, these puppies got me up, out and held up as I added on the miles.  I have learned they are a great neutral shoe so if that is what you need, I would highly recommend them!

Now I wear my trusty Asics as an everyday sneaker!

Now I wear my trusty Asics as an everyday sneaker!

After my gait analysis at the running store, I had to choose between two amazing shoes.  I went with the Saucony Glide.  These shoes are incredibly lightweight, comfy and best of all, support my entire body so well that running seems effortless!  They are so comfortable that after long runs or races I am not rushing to get out of my sneakers.  Rather, I keep them on and my feet are probably more comfortable than when I wear flip flops or sandals.  Plus…the colors…I have gotten so many compliments on them from fellow runners…while we are running!

Saucony's rock!

Saucony’s rock!

A few months ago, I found this article in Runner’s World confirming that rotating running shoes helps to prevent injury.  Remember I told you I had to choose between two amazing shoes?  The other pair, that I did not select I will be purchasing very soon.  After all, I don’t want to get injured!  They are the Brooks Adrenaline.  My heavens those shoes were comfy, cushy and very easy to run in!  I went with the Saucony’s because of how lightweight they are, but I struggled with the decision.  I am looking forward to buying the Brooks soon and reporting back how they compare to the amazing Saucony’s!

Soon you will be mine!!

Soon you will be mine!!

(photo source:

So there you have it.  For a girl that wears her running shoes more often than any other pair of shoe, I don’t have many at all!  Don’t worry, I will rectify this situation in the very near future (husband just sighs knowing yet another trip to the running store is in his future)

Enjoy the Run!




  1. thanks for sharing.
    if you have a Garmin, you can upload all your run data to there, you can also pick the shoe you wore that day. it will add up the mileage for each set of shoes. recommended that 300 miles is max for running life. after i hit 300 miles for a pair, i retire them and i allow myself to wear them around town. while my shoes are in ‘run’ mode, i never wear them out and about town. i save them for running only.
    cheers, joe

    1. Thanks for the great suggestion Joe! I will have to look into that! I do cheat and wear my running shoes when I am going to be on my feet all day..bad, bad I know!

  2. Great post! You are so correct, the right pair of shoes makes such a difference, for walkers as well as runners. Brooks Ghost is another wonderful neutral shoe that is lightweight and affordable. Highly recommend, but also suggest taking the time for a gait analysis and proper fitting, as you have recommended.

  3. I run in Brooks Adrenalines and they made such a huge difference for me. I’m a moderate over-pronator and running in the right shoe resolved a myriad of issues for me – knee pain, shin splints, leg fatigue… The only downer is that you have to find the limited editions to get fun colors.

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