Running, Swimming, Yoga, Oh My!

Good Evening Fellow New Runners!

Today’s question on the 30 day Fitness Blog Challenge is “what is your favorite sport”.  Well, seeing as this is the “Diary of a New Runner”, you can probably guess what my favorite sport is.  Running!  I am to the point that I actually miss it when I don’t run and I find myself wanting to go more miles than planned.

However, running is not the only sport I enjoy!  Growing up I was big time into swimming.  I swam competitively and loved not only the races but also the camaraderie with my teammates.  In high school I was a cheerleader and loved every minute of it!  The dancing, the stunts and of course the cool uniforms we got to wear.

When I got to college and in my twenties I really enjoyed working out at the gym.  I would do various cardio machines as well as weights.  In college it was a social event, I saw so many people at the gym, I would chat with them while working out.

As I got older I continued working out at the gym, I liked the variety of the machines, I could choose whichever workout I was feeling that particular day.  When I moved to Georgia the Gold’s Gym I joined had the best idea, a cinema room.  It is a room filled with treadmills, bikes and elliptical machines with a massive movie screen at the front.  They would show movies on a loop, so even if you came joined in during the middle of a movie, you could still catch the beginning, if you stayed long enough.  I thought this was the coolest thing, I saw quite a few movies this way, the only problem was time flew by really fast and I found myself late for a few appointments.  Whoops!  I still enjoy my time on the bike or the elliptical.  I find doing something different than running helps me avoid burnout and keeps my body in better shape as I work different muscles with each workout.

Recently I’ve added yoga to my workout repertoire.  As runners, the stretching that yoga brings can’t be beat.  Additionally the time to center yourself and focus on just breathing, I find really helps my runs.  The runs the day after a yoga class are always one of my best.  Quite a few fellow bloggers have posted the “Yoga for Runners” video that Runners World put together.  If you are looking for a good way to introduce yourself to yoga, check out the video here!


Enjoy the Run! (or the bike, or the yoga, or the swim!)



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