Tracking Calories-there’s an app for that!

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

For today’s Fitness Blog Challenge, I want to talk about logging workouts (yay!) and food intake (boo!).  Does anyone else feel the same way as I do?  I LOVE seeing my average pace, number of miles or minutes and especially that calorie burn on during my workout, but LOATHE entering food into my tracker.  Why is that?

For my workouts I use two tools.  First my trusty Garmin.  I love the fact that it tracks me in real time and I just have to look at my wrist to know where I am and how fast I’m going.  I also use the “workouts” feature.  The watch keeps me on track for interval training or tempo runs.  It is so fun to see how fast I can go during an interval run and then think “this is the actual pace of people who run the entire Boston Marathon…Sweet Jesus”  (said as I am literally wheezing).

Second is an app for my phone, Endomondo.  I found and began using Endomondo when I was just starting to walk/run.  It tells me when I’ve hit a mile distance and what my pace is.  At the end of the workout it tells me all sorts of stats very similar to my Garmin but it also shows me how much water I need to consume based on the weather and the duration and intensity of my workout.  I find this extremely helpful, especially because I struggle daily with drinking enough water.  I also love the “shout outs” people can send me during my runs, that pipe right into my headphones!  There are loads of activities to choose from, so even if you aren’t a runner or a walker this is still a great app to use to track your workouts!

For those of us competitive types, they have different “challenges” each month for you to join and you can win some pretty neat prizes!  It also allows you to see friends who use the app and where they are in the challenges and on their fitness journeys.  There are way more features than what I am writing about here, so if you don’t have an app that you currently use, I would highly recommend it!  There is a free and a paid version, with the paid version offering more stats as well as training plans for various running distances.


I might be a *little* competitive

As for my calorie tracking, I use myfitnesspal.  One of the main reasons I started using this app is it pairs up with Endomondo so when I finish my runs, the caloric burn information is automatically updated from Endomondo to MyFitnessPal.  It is really neat to see that instead of 1400 calories I have to consume, I actually have over 2000…happy day!!  The app remembers your favorite foods so they are simple to add plus their database is extensive which makes finding foods pretty darn easy.  They also have a bar code scanner, there have been times when I can’t find the foods I want to enter by typing them, so I just scan the bar code and it pops right up!  I wish they had this option for restaurant menus!  Again, you can see what friends and family who use the app are doing (if they’ve lost weight over the past week or if they were under their goals, if you are competitive like that (I am).

There are tons and tons of options for tracking your workouts as well as your food intake.  I recommend you download a free version and give it a try for a week.  If you don’t like it, try something else!

Enjoy the Run!


Question: How do you track/log your workouts or food intake?



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