Favorite Place to Run

Good Evening Fellow New Runners!

This post is late, mainly because I have been fighting off a nice little cold for the past 24 hours.  Blah!  Being sick is no fun and on top of it, it was a gorgeous day here today and I didn’t even get outside to enjoy it!  However, that thought does make a fantastic transition into today’s question for the Fitness Blog Challenge: Where is your favorite place to work out?

I love being outside.  There is something about the fresh air and the trees that makes me really feel alive.  Even when I wasn’t a runner, I would frequently take walks around my neighborhood.  When I would travel for work, I would always want to stay in a place where I could walk to a diner for dinner or just take in the sites.  However, as many of you know cities make for pretty tough running what with the pedestrians and the crazy drivers, dips in the sidewalks, and my absolute favorite…parking meters.  (I’ve run into those things, not pleasant!)

So to answer this question, my absolute favorite place to run is parks.  I love running through the trees, seeing nature and not worrying about oncoming traffic!  I am very fortunate in that every place I have lived in my adult life has had great parks that are fantastic for running:

South Point Park, Miami Beach, FLSouth Point Park

Little Mulberry Park, Dacula, GA

Little Mulberry Park

Conference House Park, Staten Island, NY

conference house park 2

Starkey Park, New Port Richey, FL

Starkey ParkAnd the great thing is most of these parks are either free or you have to pay a nominal fee for parking!  Plus after your run you can have a picnic, play on the playgrounds with the kids or just sit and enjoy being alive.   So next time you are in need of a great place to run, walk or just spend the day with the family, check out your local parks!

Enjoy the Run!




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