Fitness Blog Challenge Day 3

Good Evening Fellow New Runners!

Today is day 3 of the fitness blog challenge and this question is an easy one for me.  Do I take vitamins and supplements.  The answer is yes!!

I am a big believer in the daily multivitamin.  I always thought I should take them but it never became a steadfast habit until I was pregnant.  Taking the prenatal vitamins was such a habit because I, like probably almost all new moms, wanted to do everything and anything I could to help my daughter be healthy.

That habit continues today and both she and I take a daily multivitamin.  We’ve even gotten my non-healthy husband in on the trend and now he takes them too!!

I know the jury is still out on all of the various vitamins and and supplements are actually needed but I think a good one a day multivitamin really can’t hurt.  It is something that has been prescribed for years and is still recommended by doctors, pediatricians and OB/GYN’s.  

Enjoy the Run!


Do you take any vitamins or supplements?


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