Fitness Blogger 30 Day Writing Challenge-Day 1

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

One of my favorite bloggers, Caroline over at 101 Challenges in 1001 Days, has initiated a challenge!  Can I write a blog post everyday for the next 30 days?  In the words of the little steam engine that could “I think I can”!  Becoming a runner was, for me, very much a “put one foot in front of the other and do it consistently” type of event.  Trust me, I was never one who would jump out of bed and say “yay, lets go running!” but by not giving up, and doing it consistently, slowly became a runner.  In that vein, this challenge is very similar, if I can run 3 days a week for a month straight, surely I can blog for 30 days straight, right?  Let’s do it!

First Question: Describe your pre and post warm up/cool down routine:

Ummm….I don’t have one.  I know what you are thinking “they even teach you to warm up and cool down in gym class, come on!”  and you are so right.  The reasons are simply excuses, I wake up so early I really don’t have time to warm up, as soon as I am done my little one needs me, etc.

These are excuses any one of us can have.  I used to do a great warm up, I would walk for a little bit before breaking into a run.  This not only prepared my body for exercise, but also prepared my brain for running too.  So much of running (or any kind of strenuous exercise) is mental.  Your body frequently resists what you are doing (I know I don’t really get into a “running groove” until mile 3 of my run which means 5K’s are not my favorite distance).  Tomorrow, I am going to start my warm up routine again.  While waiting for my Garmin to “wake up”, I’m going to do some warm up jumping, walking and stretching.

The cool down routine is better, but not by much.  I do walk around a bit before I come in from my run and then do my stretching.  I try to do about 15-20 minutes of stretching after each run, but if I am truly honest with myself, this isn’t done consistently.  I need to.  I can really feel it when I don’t stretch, my muscles are aching and even my subsequent runs are not as good.

So there you have it my warm up and cool down routines, or lack thereof.  However, this has reminded me of the importance of not only preparing my body but also my mind for my run.  I am really looking forward to doing a bit of a warm up before my run tomorrow to see if it makes a difference!

Enjoy the Run!


Question: What is your warm up/cool down routine?



  1. Thank you for the huge compliment. 🙂 you sound just like me! 😉 trying to be really good now after a thorough telling off from the sports therapist and some very painful hip and back muscles! 😦 x

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