Product Review-BOB Stroller

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

From time to time I’d like to do a product review of something that I’ve found particularly helpful as I became a runner.  My goal is to help other new runners or even those just contemplating running, to possibly give them the tools to start their own running journey.

With that thought in mind, my first product review has to be of the BOB Stroller.  As you may recall, becoming a runner all started because a friend gave me her old BOB Stroller as a baby shower present.  (you can read about my first runs ever here)  I would use the stroller to take my daughter out for walks and those walks slowly became runs.

The wheels make all the difference!

The wheels make all the difference!

I found it was easier to push on long walks that the traditional stroller and could traverse various terrains (such as those in parks) much better.  Bumps in the side walks, pebbles in a driveway and even grass and dirt in a park didn’t phase the big wheels of the stroller.  I love it for the ease of maneuverability as well.  It turns on a dime and is so light and easy to push.  It is due to these wheels and the maneuverability that I was able to start running with the stroller.  Trust me, I had one, the traditional strollers are great but you can’t run with one.

Pockets-bigger than they look!

Pockets-bigger than they look!

I also found the pockets to be much bigger that on the traditional stroller, I could pack water for myself, a sippy cup (or bottle) for the munchkin and still have a pocket for snacks, keys and my phone.  The pockets look small, but the are deceptively big.

The window and a shot of the 3 "pockets"

The window and a shot of the 3 “pockets”

Also, the cover is massive and shaded my daughter very well, even on those sunny summer days.  I would make sure to bring extra sunscreen for her legs and feet, but that was it, the cover covered the rest of her perfectly.  I also love the little “window” at the top of the covering, so I can see what she is doing (and likely, how many cheerios she has spilled on herself).

Keeps 'em warm and allows them to see everything!

Keeps ’em warm and allows them to see everything!

One of the greatest add ons for the BOB is the Weather Shield.  My mom got it for me on Amazon and it has proven to be amazingly useful!  It is made to not only keep precipitation (rain and snow) off of the child, but to also protect them from wind and cold.  Thats right, it’s like a little warm tent that she can see out of!  I thought, when we moved from New York I wouldn’t use it anymore but man was I wrong.  I ran a 5K on Thanksgiving day and my parents walked the course with the munch in the stroller.  It was 39 degrees at the start and everyone was freezing.  We used the Weather Shield and she was warm and happy the entire time!

BOB has lots of useful accessories, such as infant car seat adapters, so you can use it when your baby is newborn.  They also have dual strollers, for those who have multiple children.

In short, I can’t speak highly enough of this stroller.  If you are pregnant, thinking about kids someday or already have a child and want to get more active, look into this stroller.  As I said at the start, my stroller is a 6 year old hand me down and it still works perfectly, so if money is a concern, I would recommend Craigslist, consignment shops or even Goodwill.  If you like to buy new, or just want to check out more about the stroller and do your own research (which I recommend) visit their website at:

Enjoy the Run!


**I am not paid for this review and in this case the stroller is a hand me down from a girlfriend.  These thoughts are my own and are not influenced by any outside factors.



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