Running through my Disney World?

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!

I have some exciting news!  On Wednesday I finally did something I have been waiting to do for months!  I am officially registered to run the Tower of Terror 10 Miler at Walt Disney World!!!


The race is not until October 4th 2014 yet preparing for it is all I can think of!  Is it a little sad that simply registering has me this excited?  Probably, but as a runner and a lover of all things Disney, a race at Disney World is like a dream come true.

The funny thing about this particular race for me?  If you knew me, you would think this is the last race I would ever sign up for.  Why?

1. It takes place at night, in the dark.  I am not a fan of the dark and I’m usually in bed before 10pm, which is when this race starts!

2. It highlights the villains.  I am always a “root for the hero” kind of gal.  So to participate in a race that loves all thing villainous, is pretty ironic for me.

3. I am not a fan of scary movies.  This race promises grave diggers and Twilight Zone references in addition to appearances by even the most hated of villains.  For me, just seeing those previews for scary movies keep me up at night.

4. Before this year, I was not a runner.  So for me to run a 10 mile race is not something anyone who knew me would think I could do or would even want to do.

So, now that you all know this about me…you may be asking yourself “why is she so excited about this race”?  It conquers those fears.  This race goes against everything that has held me back.  Once I run this race and burst through all of these fears (justified or not) I know I will emerge a new and better person.

Oh and plus I get this super sweet medal.  I mean the elevator moves and it glows in the dark…the awesomeness of it all is overwhelming!

Once my daughter sees this, I will never get it back!

Once my daughter sees this, I will never get it back!

As a Disney World Annual Passholder, I was able to register for the Tower of Terror 10 miler early.  General registration will open on February 11th, you can find more information at RunDisney.  If you want to register, do it as soon as possible.  RunDisney races sell out super fast!!

Who is going to conquer their fears with me?

Enjoy the Run!


Question: Now that you all know a little bit about the race…what should my costume be?


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