Best Damn Race Recap-2 races, 3 medals & lots of learning!

Good Afternoon fellow new runners!

It has been a few days since my last blog post, that is because this Saturday I ran my first 10K!  Whoo hoo!  The Best Damn Race had a 10K + 5K challenge (run the 10K, then the 5K about an hour later.  Two races and 3 medals in one morning, how awesome!) and I did it!  It was an amazing experience.  But because I am both a new runner and a new blogger, I forgot to take pictures of the race!  I am so sorry, I will do better next time!Photo: 9 miles, 2 races, 3 medals all before 10am.  Not bad for a Saturday morning!!

As this was my first 10K, first multi-run race and my first non-local big race I learned a TON!  Here are some of the highlights:

1. Don’t let all those other runners get you off your game.  I started out of the gate way too fast in both races and as a result couldn’t keep up my pace and ended up walking some.  This brought my overall time down.  I will be sure to slow down in the first few miles of the next race!

2. Get there early!  It was not easy to get up when that alarm went off at 4:30am, but boy am I glad I did.  I got to the race about an hour before the first race (10K) and as a result got a fantastic parking spot where I could go back and forth to get personal items between races.

3. Take in the course.  The Best Damn Race in Safety Harbor, FL had an absolutely gorgeous course.  I was sure to check out the gorgeous bay, the waterfall and even the hills…about the hills…

4. If you are like me and not at all used to running on hills (hey, I live in Florida!) and your race happens to have some, walk up them.

5. EAT and DRINK! I didn’t drink enough water after the races and didn’t eat after the second one until I got home (about 2 hours after the final race).  As a result I had a wicked migraine the rest of the day.  An experienced runner told me to make sure I drink more water and eat more, especially protein.  Even if you have to force yourself to munch, do it!

6. If you are running more than one race in a day (or walking if you are racing on vacation) make sure you stretch after your race!  When I lined up for the 5K I realized my muscles were super tight and I raced to stretch them before the run.  Don’t do the same thing, find the time and space to stretch!

7. Take in the before and after festivities!  Walk around, enjoy some food and water (or in the case of this race, the beer), strike up a conversation with a fellow finisher.  Or watch and cheer the runners still finishing!  It is amazing how inspired you will be!

Overall it was a great race.  There were a few glitches, but in my opinion they were minor.  I will be signing up for this race again next year!  Who will join me?

Enjoy the Run!


If you are interested in the Best Damn Race series (they have races in Safety Harbor (just outside of Tampa) and Orlando you can visit them here at



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