Forget singing in the rain, I love running in the rain!

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

I am prepping for a race (actually TWO races) on Saturday so instead of my usual Tuesday/Thursday runs I did Monday and Wednesday, to give my legs two days to rest.  On Wednesday I left the house to just a pitter patter of little droplets.  I thought about running back to get my hat, because I know Florida weather patterns all too well.  I thought “nah, I’ll be fine”.

A mile later the skies opened up and it was absolutely pouring.  I mean raining hard, with wind blowing to boot.  It was at this point in my running route that I could have turned a corner and been home in under 5 minutes or kept going straight and continued running.  You would think I would take this opportunity to say “I’ll just head home now, there is hot coffee there”.

I do love to multi-task!

I do love to multi-task!

Instead, I kept going, sloshing through the puddles and dodging the rain drops.  The truth is, I love running in the rain.  For some reason running in inclement weather really gets my inner warrior woman going.  Pushing through the rain, I felt like I was starring in a Nike commercial, inspiring myself and others to “Just Do It”  (I swear I am not sponsored by Nike, I don’t even wear their gear).  I had a great pace those few miles and really enjoyed myself!

The rain stopped a short time later (hey, it is Florida after all, we have lots of rain, but it rarely lasts for a long time) and my running went from inspirational to boring. It was almost as though the rain makes me a better runner, gives me that one additional barrier to break through on my way from good to great.  Looking back at my past runs, my best runs are almost always in bad weather.  Cooler weather, windy, rainy, apparently the worse the weather the better I run.

My next blog entry will be after my 10k and 5K on Saturday at the Best Damn Race in Safety Harbor, FL.  Can’t wait to tell you all about it, I have heard nothing but positive reviews about last year!  Sadly, it looks like it will be a beautiful, sunny day.

Enjoy the Run!


Question: Do you like to run in inclement weather?



  1. YV-
    I can’t agree more something about crazy weather make me really enjoy my run more. I think it’s the distraction of what’s going on around you. Some of my most favorite runs have been in below zero temps, snow storms, and pouring rain. Good for you! Warrior on, whatever it takes!

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