Sneakers for me, just the sneakers

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

One of the rites of becoming a runner is going to the running store for new sneakers.  This is one of the ways you know you are a runner, when you see the running store and you get excited.  Walking in and looking around and you think

This is me at my local running store.

This is me at my local running store.

A few months ago, I was super excited to take this right of passage.  I went to a highly reputable running store where they put me through the paces.  They measured how I stand and where my pressure points are.  They had me run on a treadmill so they could see my gait.  I felt so cool!  They brought out shoes and orthotics for me to try out and buy. I had never needed an orthotic before, but thought, hey I am a runner now, I guess I need this!   I tried them out and picked the shoes I liked.

Now here is where the problems began. I took them out for my first run and the first few minutes felt great!  However after that run, and every subsequent run in those shoes, I had pains in my feet, in my legs, in my hips.  Never in my life have I had sustained pain (shooting pain at one point) after running until then.  I went back to the store, tried a different pair.  Same issue.  Went back again and tried a different pair and different orthotic.  Same problems.

Finally I had enough.  I had just met a group of runners and luckily they have a Facebook page.  I posted to the group about my issues.  They all came back to me with the same answer.  A member of the running group worked at a different running store.  Go see her.  So, I did.  We did the exact same measurements and gait analysis.  And guess what, the shoes she recommended were the exact same shoes the original store suggested.  The one difference?  No orthotic.  She told me that some stores try to bundle the shoes and orthotics into every sale.  This simple “add on” for the store caused me lots of pain and lost running time and cost that particular store a customer for life.

So, for all my new running friends here is what I learned from my first running shoe experience:

1. Go to a reputable running store for proper analysis.

2. Listen to your body.  If something isn’t right make a change immediately.  I didn’t and suffered for weeks.

3. Make sure you know the store’s return policy.  Most stores will let you bring shoes back to trade in, but only if they are in excellent condition and within a specific time frame.

4. If you’ve never needed an orthotic before, try running only in the new shoes first.  Don’t fall into my trap of assuming you need one, you may not!

5. Ask fellow runners for suggestions on where to buy running supplies.  Your fellow runners will rarely steer you wrong!

Enjoy the Run!


Question: have you ever had problems with your running gear?



    1. Yep, the sales person at my “new” running store was not surprised though. Apparently it is a company policy to try to bundle them with the shoes. (The new store hired someone from the old store, hence why we knew this info). Glad you liked the advice!

  1. Once I find a shoe, I try and buy at least 2-3 pairs at once so I can rotate them once the mileage starts to accumulate on them. Keeps your legs fresh, and your muscles from absorbing all the impact once they start to fatigue from old shoes! Run on!

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