Support system

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!

Running can be, and usually is a solitary exercise.  We are usually up before the rest of the family to get our runs in and especially new runners, tend to run alone because we don’t  know any other runners and, in some instances, are embarrassed about how slow we go.  However, once you really get into running you realize you need a support system.  Whether it is on web boards, trying to find out how to stop chafing or sweetly asking your spouse to get the kids up on a Saturday morning so you can go out for a long run, our solitary sport becomes a group activity one way or another.

This is actually good for all of us, I think.  Asking others opinions and seeking our expert advice shows we take our new found love seriously and want to do things the right way.  Reading running blogs is an excellent way to share your running passion with fellow runners who, like you, want to talk about running all….day….long.  Chatting up the wonderful people at the running store helps you to understand the mechanics of your stride and gives you what you need to stay safe (LED lights on your arms anyone?)

Most importantly the need for support is most profound within our set of real life friends and family members.  Whether it is a spouse who watches the kids so you can get that run in or parents who are willing to stay up well past their bed times to watch you finish you first Run Disney race, it is this type of support that lifts us up most of all.

Whether it is a “way to go” on your Facebook post about your first one mile run or friends who agree to run with you in that race you’ve heard so much about, we all need to take the time to fully appreciate our support system.  It could be your furry friend who faithfully accompanies you on every run or the running group you just joined who encourage you every step of the way.

In this world of 24 hour news shows depicting the worst of humanity, the largest reminders of love in this world sometimes can be those small gestures that loved ones do for us.



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