Nutrition-Or why I was utterly spent after my long run

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!

Usually on Saturdays I have a blog post for you all.  This is no coincidence as my long runs fall on Saturdays and it is then that I have plenty of time to think and formulate really fun blog post ideas.  This past Saturday was no exception.  I had my longest run so far..over 11 miles!  Whoo hoo!  I suffer with insomnia pretty frequently and found myself staring at my clock at 4:35am on Saturday morning.  At 5:15, realizing sleep wasn’t going to happen I decided to get up and head out on my run, forgoing my usual local park that doesn’t open until 6:30am for the streets along my neighborhood.  It was absolutely awesome running weather, hovering right around 50 degrees and I found myself going farther and farther and really loving every single minute of my run.

Once I got home, I showered and chatted about the morning with the munch while both of us ate a bagel.  I had I had my usual water, coffee, water post run hydration and was running around with the kiddo when about 2 hours after the run I realized I was so exhausted.  I took my daughter out to lunch so my husband, who works the swing shift, could get a nap in, and by the time we got home I was so tired, when she took a nap, so did I.  It wasn’t until I ate a very filling dinner that my energy started to come back.

It was after dinner that I realized my problem.  I didn’t eat enough after my run.  I had a bagel and a salad and that was it until dinner.  Folks, after running over 10 miles this was not enough calories to fuel my body.  The problem?  I am simply not hungry after my runs.  Thirsty, oh yes, but hungry?  Not so much.  So what is a girl to do?

I have read that it is important to start refueling your body almost immediately and most do this with milk (either white or chocolate).  I have a very good friend who runs half marathons and swears by having milk post run.  I found this link on that explains why chocolate milk is a great post run drink.

Ok, great, so what about the afternoon when I as so exhausted I couldn’t see straight?  I need to force myself to eat a little bit more.  I’m not talking binging at the local Chinese buffet, but perhaps adding a little bit of carbs to my salad at lunch and snacking on some crackers and peanut butter or healthy fruits and veggies?

No matter what I try next week, I know that I need to do a better job of listening to what my body needs after a run.  Loads of water, healthy snacks and plenty of carbs and protein and I know I will have the energy to run all morning and keep up with my playful toddler all afternoon!

Enjoy the Run!


Question:  what is your favorite post run food or drink?


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