Flashback Friday-You want me to eat Goo?

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!

If you have spent anytime around fellow runners or on running blogs you may have heard of something called “Gu”.  It is a nutritional supplement athletes take if they are going to be exercising for long periods of time.  Gu helps to put back some carbohydrates (and simple sugars) your body needs after putting forth so much effort for an extended run.  It also has vitamins and electrolytes which work to replenish your body of nutrients so you can keep going.  Some have caffeine, some don’t.

Like most of you, I read this information and thought “that is for real runners, not me”.  Wrong.  If you are going to be out for longer than an hour (or even 45 minutes), drinking something like Gu will help you.

The first time I had some Gu, I was running with a friend and we were out for longer than I anticipated.  I was exhausted.  I just wanted to walk (not run) to the nearest IHop and eat pancakes and drink all the coffee in the restaurant.  My friend, an experienced marathoner, suggested I try some Gu.  I was a bit shocked, I mean I am no marathoner!  But, I took it and holy mackerel, it did the trick!

Not only was it super tasty, I immediately felt better!  I had more energy, felt full and was ready to finish the run.  Since then, I have taken some out with me on my long runs and usually look forward to when I can take it!  Personally I like to use it sporadically, not even as often as they recommend, simply because I like to see how far I can go without it.  The manufacturer does recommend that you drink water with it and I have found I can get more thirsty just after taking a dose.  So I would recommend timing your Gu intake with a water stop.

It is not for everyone, people with sensitive stomachs might want to try it close to home and some might like the alternative products better.  However I suggest the next time you are in the running store, you pick up a few packets to try.  It may be the difference between going 6 miles and going 10!

Enjoy the Run!


Do you have any goodies you bring on your long runs?

**Note: I am not paid for my opinions.  I simply swear by this stuff because it works for me.



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