When it comes together-a GREAT run!

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!


After going through some of my past posts, I realized so many of my writings are about bad runs.  Whether it is going slower than other runners, not being able to run as far or just having a bad run for me, it seems like the hard runs seem to be outweighing the good runs lately.

However, this past Saturday changed all of that.  I had a GREAT run!  I am working on not only adding miles, but adding speed.  My goal is to run under 11 minutes per mile for the two races I have in February.  Why am I so concerned about speed suddenly?  One of these two races will be my proof of time for the Tower of Terror 10 miler in October, that’s why!  I hope to be running with friends during that race and would like to be in the same (or at least not too far behind) corral.  I have been working on my speed, but for quite some time now nothing I have been doing seemed to have helped.

On Saturday I started out and made sure to keep an eye on my Garmin for my pace.  As an added incentive I had carpooled to the park with a fellow runner, who runs much faster than I, and who was only planning on going a mile farther than me.  He had to leave by a specific time so I had to make sure I was done quickly.  The first few miles were pretty good going, I even got behind someone running my target pace and followed her for a little bit.  I eventually caught up to her and started a little conversation.  Running with someone to talk to really does make the miles go by much faster!

However, around the half way point, I had to turn around and run by myself.  This is where I always slow down, those later miles just get me.  Continuing to monitor my Garmin, my pace did vary a bit but the minute I saw it was too slow, I sped up.  I kept telling myself I would not stop, I refused to slow or walk.  I had to prove to myself I could do it!

It was not always easy, but I kept visualizing the finish line at various races, visualizing me accomplishing those goals.  Before I knew it mile 7 was upon me.  My first thought, when my friend never passed me heading back to the car, was darn, “I could have done 8”! Next Saturday, I will.  At my goal speed.  And it will be Awesome!!

Enjoy the Run!



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