2014-Running Resolutions


Good Morning, fellow new runners!

It is officially December 31st and being the procrastinator that I am, I just started thinking of 2014 resolutions.  Being a new runner, I think it is a great idea to set out some goals for myself; simple, attainable, yet a little out of reach so I don’t get stagnant in my training.  So here goes:

1. Cross train more.  Sweet Lord I am terrible at this.  I have a gym in my neighborhood that I never use.  How ridiculous!  Absolutely going to do more than just run.  At least twice a week I want to do something else, either yoga or another form of cardio or even the most boring thing of all (in my opinion) weights.

2. Stop comparing myself to other runners!  I saw this in another post and it is so true.  Who cares how much faster everyone goes or how much farther they can run?  They aren’t me.  I am racing not against my fellow runners but against the person I was yesterday.

3. Work on speed more.  To me, running distance is more fun if you run slower.  However, I have zero desire to finish at the back of the pack and I want to have a good 10 minute-mile pace for a half marathon.  However this does not come without work.  Speed workouts have to be done consistently!

4. Run my first half.  Oh my, just typing this is making my hands sweat.  I know I can do it, but geez the idea of it makes me so nervous!  However I WILL do it.  I hope.  🙂

5. Register and run my first Run Disney race.  I am a huge Disney buff, my family even has Florida annual passes. The idea of running through Disney really inspired me to keep running in the early days.  So I am going to register for both the Tower of Terror 10 miler in October and….the original race that inspired me…the race I think about when all I want to do is stop on those long runs….The Princess Half Marathon for 2015.  (Actually I am hoping to do the Glass Slipper challenge, which is the 10K on Saturday and the half on Sunday).

So there you have it.  I am still not sure about number 4, I need you all to hold me accountable!

I wish you all a very happy and safe New Years!  See you in 2014!!

Enjoy the Run,


What is the one running resolution you are most nervous or excited about?



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