Garmin GPS & Compression Sleeves

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

For Christmas my family gave into my new running obsession and gave me some pretty nice new running gear.  My husband gave me a new Garmin Forerunner GPS watch and my parents gave me CEP Compression Sleeves for my calves.  As a new runner I was slightly confused as to what these two items would bring to my run, so I tried them out this week!

The Garmin was the new toy I was most excited about (I LOVE gadgets) but also most nervous that it was a want vs a need.  However I wore it on both my short run on Thursday and my long run today.  I have to say it is pretty awesome!  I have a running app on my phone (Endomondo, which is fantastic, BTW) and the app tells me how far I’ve gone and my pace.  However there were times on both runs where I didn’t have my ear buds in (Thursday munchkin accompanied me in her stroller and on Saturday a fellow runner and I had a great conversation for a few miles) and the Garmin continued to update my progress.  No digging in the stroller or the SpiBelt for the phone!  Whoo hoo!  Additionally the Garmin is very convenient, just on my wrist so I could check it frequently and easily, to ensure my pace was neither too fast or too slow.  This was the element I found most useful on the long run.  Ensuring the correct pacing I was able to finish strong on those last few miles.

The CEP Compression sleeves are made to help your legs recover faster, especially after long runs.  Many runners wear them while running, but living in the oppressive heat that is Florida, I would rather not have more clothing on my body than necessary.  So, after I got home and out of the shower today, I put the sleeves on.  There was a bit of confusion as I wasn’t sure exactly how to wear them, but a brief Google image search had me on the right path.  I wore them for about 2 hours and my legs felt great!  No soreness, no aches.  When they were removed, guess what?  The aches and slight pain that is so familiar after a long run hit my legs.  It was unbelievable that these sleeves could make that much of a difference, but they do!!  Next time I am going to wear them all day, if possible, after a long run.

So my final thoughts are if you can get these two pieces of running gear, do it!  The Garmin will really help maintain your speed and the compression sleeves will make your legs feel much better after that long run.  The fun side effect with this type of running gear, you really start to feel like a true runner!!

Enjoy the Run!


Did Santa bring you any new fun running gear?  How are you liking it?



  1. Shoes for x-mas, but I haven’t tried them out yet. I don’t have any compression gear, so sometimes I wear tights after a long run. That’s as far a this poor girl goes.

      1. New. Couldn’t find my size of the ones I like at the store, so I said what the heck. They’re cheap enough that I could use them for everyday if they don’t work.

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