Running wish list

Good afternoon Fellow New Runners!

As we are only 2 days away from Christmas, my gifts are wrapped and have actually started to give some thought to what I hope to get this year.  There is nothing I need, but if I were to be completely honest, there is a lot I would want.  As a new runner, there is just so much cool gear to have!  Here are some of the items every new runner should see under their tree:

1. Compression sleeves/socks: I recently completed a 10 miler and discovered why these little babies would have been simply awesome.

2. A second pair of shoes: Read this article in Runner’s World recently which backs the notion of rotating your running shoes as to prevent injury.  Plus what girl doesn’t want another pair of shoes?

3. A Garmin.  You are a runner, this is now a necessity, even if you aren’t quite sure why.  The idea of being able to keep track of your pace in real time and for your wrist to vibrate if you don’t maintain a specific speed is pretty awesome.  Kind of like your own personal running coach.

4. An unlimited supply of Gu.  Seriously, I am addicted.

5. More pairs of running socks.  Goodbye blisters!

6. A faster pace.  Ok, so Santa can’t bring us this one.  We have to do it ourselves.

Enjoy the Run!


What would you put on your running wish list?



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