Go for it!

Hello fellow new runners!

For some reason, as much as running inspires me, I am very reluctant to enter races.  Some theories as to my possible hesitation: I am too cheap (hey, some of those race entries are pretty pricey!), I am worried I will finish dead last (always possible), or something will happen and I either won’t be able to run or suddenly can’t run as far as I could yesterday.  With the exception of the first reason, when I put these on paper, these excuses look pretty lame, don’t they?

One, reason not listed above could be that I don’t like putting myself first.  I can’t speak for the male runner, but most women tend to put the needs of others before their own.  This usually becomes even more pronounced when you become a wife and, especially, when you become a mother.  Everyone else’s needs (and the “needs” of the household) become more of a priority than anything you might want to do.

Entering a race requires not only that you put yourself first when it comes to training, but also on race day.  It requires you to be away from your family or, if possible, for them come out to the race to support you.  It may also require your daughter to create a sign that reads “Go Mommy” in handwriting that looks suspiciously like your own, but that might just be me.

Also, the idea of driving (or even flying) to a new place, finding your way around, figuring out where the start line is, well it is all pretty scary.  If this is your reason for not entering that race you’ve heard about, I hear you.  However, remember these races are planned to be easy to navigate.  Most races start super early and organizers know most runners will still be half asleep and a little nervous before the race.  So they make things pretty easy on you.

If you have any hesitation about signing up for a race, check out the pictures of previous races.  You see those smiles?  See those runners proudly holding their bling?  See the immense sense of accomplishment on their faces?  That could should will be you!!

So have a chat with your significant other or family members,  I will bet you will be surprised at the level of support you get.  Sign up for that race you’ve been hearing about.  Then post it on Facebook, tell all of your friends and get ready to have an absolute blast, get a cool medal & show yourself what you can really do!

Enjoy the Run!


P.S. Just to show I am putting my money where my mouth is: just today I signed up to run The Best Damn Race 5K + 10K challenge and Gasparilla Distance Classic 15K, both in February in Tampa.  🙂


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