Flashback Friday-Well, that was terrible!

Good Morning Fellow New Runners!

Yes, we’ve all had them…the God awful, just plain terrible, run.  The run that makes you think “maybe I’m not a runner”.  I remember my first one.  It was hot (well, it was summer in Florida), I was hungry and thirsty, I kept getting tired, I didn’t like any of the music on my phone….you get the idea.

It was horrendous.  I came back from that run completely deflated.  All of the forward momentum I had before that run was completely lost.  I showered and drowned my sorrows in a nice bowl of ice cream.

That night, I did what every new runner does, I read about running.  This time, I went to some of my favorite blogs and you will never guess what I found.  EVERYONE has terrible runs.  No matter how good you are, how long you’ve been running, everyone has a terrible run once in a while.   Granted, their “terrible runs” are way different than a new runner’s.  Where as we may struggle to simply make a mile, they are struggling to make 8 miles.  However, a struggle is a struggle and no matter what, when you have high hopes of accomplishing a goal and fall short, it stings.

The key to getting over a horrible run?  Put it out of your mind and move on.  Go for that run on your next scheduled day.  Don’t put on your shoes and think “well, that last run was so bad, hope this one isn’t like it”.  Nope, put your shoes on and think “I am going to reach that pesky goal today for sure!”.  The next run will be better!

Enjoy the Run!



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