Running buddy

Good Afternoon Fellow New Runners!

As I’ve said before, I started running by simply inserting a few minutes of running during my daily walks with my daughter in her stroller. I began focusing more on the running (and trying very hard to do less and less of the walking) and found it was easier to do it by myself.  So I would get up early and complete the run before darling daughter even woke up.  It worked well as the running has increased and the walking decreased.

Recently my husband took a new job, with new hours, and it required me to get the munchkin in the morning and hopefully keep her quiet so the hubs could get some sleep.  One morning, already in my running clothes, I went to get her and she said “going for a run, mommy?”.  When I answered yes, her reply, “can I come too?”.  Huh, I thought, why the heck not?  So we gathered up some Cheerios, a sippy cup, a blanket and headed out.  

It was the most fun I’d had on a run in a long time.  

Granted it was one of the slowest runs I had and dear God did I ache tremendously the day after (pushing a stroller with a 2 year old is a great workout!), but the fun she and I had was well worth it.  She would ask me how my day was going, screech in delight when she saw a dog or a bird and even motivated me when I stopped to walk (“Goooo Mommy!”).  I ran without my music and without my GPS app telling me the distance.  It was an absolute blast, so much so that now, we try to get out together once a week.  

The lesson in this?  While running is usually a solitary exercise, having a running buddy is a great deal of fun!  Whether it is a friend, a dog or a 2 year old hopped up on Cheerios and milk, having someone to share the experience with really makes your run that much more enjoyable.  You might not be able to go as fast or as far as you could by yourself; but in running, as in life, it is not how far your go but the people around you who make it fun. 

Enjoy the Run!


                                  My running buddy..ready to go in her track suit!



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