Long Saturday Runs


Good Afternoon fellow new runners!

One of the rites of passage of becoming a “runner” is the long Saturday run.  It is important because this is when we build our endurance.  Usually it is done on a Saturday or Sunday because that is when most people have the time to devote to going those extra distances.  I have grown to absolutely adore my long Saturday runs.

The weekday runs are usually shorter and it is here runners usually focus on consistency or speed.  You try to increase your speed or just work on getting through those first few miles, running more than walking.  Usually, we are pressed for time during the week due to workplace or family demands.  However on the weekend we tend to take our time, run of course, but it’s not so much about the speed as it is the distance we cover.

On Saturday I love watching the sun come up, as if I am greeting the day!  Seeing the gorgeous colors it makes as it breaks over the horizon is something truly magical.  I also love seeing more people out, saying hi to fellow runners, bikers and walkers.  I also take this time to pat every..single..dog that I come across.  Since time is usually not a concern on a weekend day, you can stop and chat, pat a dog or just use the extra time to sort out your thoughts.

It is hard to get up before the sun on a Saturday, to force yourself to go to bed a bit earlier on Friday night.  However, I find the Saturday runs to be completely worth the sacrifice.  If you need extra inspiration, perhaps download that new song you’ve been listening to or plan an extra delicious breakfast for your return (pancakes and bacon anyone?).  Pump yourself up all week by saying “this weekend I’m going to cover 4 miles” (or 5 miles or whatever that new milestone is).  Pretty soon you will be looking forward to those long Saturday runs, too!

Enjoy the run!



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