Flashback Friday-Holy Cow, I just ran a 5K!

Hello fellow new runners!

I will never forget it.  I was running and heard my running app say those magic words…”three miles.”  The proverbial lightbulb clicked on over my head.  I just ran 3 miles, I just ran a 5K!! For someone who was never a runner and had only just started her running journey this was a HUGE feat!

I got lucky, I fell into running 3 miles, it was not something that was planned.  Here’s how it happened.  We had just moved.  I had a three mile route mapped out near our home in New York, but  never, ever ran full three miles.

However when we moved to Florida, I had no idea where my runs were taking me.  Every day was a new adventure and as I started running, I would meander around our neighborhood, figuring out where streets led.  When I hit the three mile mark on that fateful day, it came as a complete surprise.

It is important to point out I wasn’t running the entire 3 miles yet.  I was running some and walking a little.  Did you know this is an actual training method?  Yes, world famous runner Jeff Galloway created it!  He’s a marathoner and even he walks sometimes..makes you feel better about your workout doesn’t it?

My advice?  Get lost!  Not “how do I get home?” lost but head out on your run without an actual map.  Try a new park or a route near work rather than at home.  New surroundings might just be what you need to reach your next distance milestone!

Enjoy the run!



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