Every run is a new adventure

Hello fellow new runners!

I’ve been running for about 6 months now.  I’ve gone from not being able to run a full mile to doing a solid eight.  My mile time has improved and my wardrobe now includes some of the cool “runner’s gear”.  So there should be no mores surprises, right?  Wrong.

Every single run is different.  Yep, my three miles today was completely different than my three miles on Tuesday.  Tuesday brought pain in my knee and legs.  Today, there was no pain at all (thank you Wednesday night yoga class!).  My legs couldn’t get their act together on Tuesday and I couldn’t get the right feel to my run.  Today, my legs decided to work together (thanks for joining the party, guys!)

Every run will be different.  Perhaps you slept poorly the night before or didn’t have your usual breakfast.  Maybe the weather isn’t what you are used to or maybe you just are having an off day.  That is a great thing about running, every day you’ll face new challenges.  Although you may you just want to have a fun run everyday, as you go along in your running journey, you come to appreciate the changes & challenges the tough runs bring.  And then you REALLY appreciate the easy fun runs.

Enjoy the run!



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