Wait…why am I running?

Hello fellow new runners!

Let’s get this straight right off the bat.  I have never, ever been a runner.  I am not one of those people who ran in high school and years later got back into it.  In fact, I am the opposite.  I never ran.

Don’t get me wrong, I was always active.  My routine included going to gym, hopping on the elliptical or the bike or even the treadmill….and walk.  I could do that for hours.  I tried running.  I have friends who run and I tried to run with them.  The run would start out great but five minutes in, I would think “this would be way more fun if we just walked”.

It wasn’t until my daughter came along that something strange happened.  I would be out for a walk with her in the stroller and just think, “we could run to the end of the street”.  This thought soon became  “we could run for this entire song”, then “the next two songs”.  Lo and behold…I was becoming a runner.

I am still new and still struggle with the first three miles.  Running terms such as pacing, splits, fartleks (tee hee!) are still new to me.  Why all that gear in the running store really does help is still a mystery.  I read constantly and while the “experienced runners” blogs are fantastic, I never found a blog that was just for me, the new runner.  Hence why I started this blog.  Please join me as I trip and fall through this journey!

Enjoy the run!



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